After hiking intruders of self-insulation, it will be fined to finish…

After hiking intruders of self-insulation, it will be fined to finish…

Even Expert Hikers Get Injured: Here’s Why

After hiking intruders of self-isolation, 15 thousand will begin to finish. rubles not a collateral of the press service of the Moscow City Court of Ulyana Solopova informed “”, that similar solutions were carried out by other rayuts of the capital, in particular Tversky, and Shcherbinsky was considered seven materials at once against the violators of quarantine events.
In the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow, they reported that only in recent days, the police were drawn up more than 400 protocols on administrative offenses in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

According to a high-ranking source “” in the police, the guards of the order at the same time recommended “not trying”, and try to be limited to preventive conversations and warnings. The administrative protocols were mainly drawn up on “malicious” violators, which, according to the source, not only did not comply with the requirements of the mayor’s decrees, but also did not fulfill the requirements of the police, Hamili them, and.

“In my opinion, st. 6.3 Administrative Code in the current edition can be used only in relation to the violated compulsory 14-day quarantine or infected. In relation to the rest of the citizens who violated the regime of self-insulation recommended by regional legislation, this sanction should not be applied, “said Elena Isotova, senior lawyer of the Law Firm” Tenkov and Suvorov “, however, as in other regions. 6.3 Administrative Code is already applied “just for the exit to the street”. Such fines believes that it should be challenged in higher courts, since further law enforcement practice depends on their position. “Because of the ever-changing laws, endless explanations and clarifications are confused not only by citizens, but also the police themselves,” Elena Isotova believes, believing that the risk of abuse from the Guardians of the Procedure is growing: – There are already cases when police officers offered to pay a fine In place, it is unacceptable and illegal – the protocol can only be on site, and pay the fine is required only after the entry into force of the judicial act “. In Moscow, by the way, abuses in connection with quarantine from the police, as reported in the State Ministry of Internal Affairs, were not detected, and their respective verification activities are constantly held in their respect.

Police will help Muscovites self-aulation

“Such law enforcement practice is quite expected, because for police a priority is to work within the framework of precisely federal legislation, – noted, in turn, Kommersant Shields, deputy of the Moscow City Duma, the author of” antivirus “amendments to the COAP of Moscow.- Therefore, if the policeman reveals the violators of the rules of self-isolation, then it applies the federal norm. The new norm of the Moscow COAMA was originally conceived for use in the context of metropolitan specifics. In the city more than 12 million people, 1.7 thousand. People in self-insulation, put the precinct to each cannot. Video surveillance cameras and other technologies are used to control them. Therefore, if the violator is recorded with the help of a video surveillance system, it will be a fine of Moscow (its st. 3.eighteen.1, for example, provides a fine of 4 thousand. rub. For non-fulfillment of citizens of the requirements of “legal acts of the city of Moscow, aimed at introducing and ensuring a regime of increased readiness in the city, including the non-inshancement of self-insulation regime”.- “Kommersant). If the violation is detected by the police during patroling, then in this case the Code of Administrative Code of the Russian Federation will be applied.

After hiking intruders of self-insulation, it will be fined to finish ..

On Thursday, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin promised to start from April 9, “hard” punish the quarantine violators moving around the city on private cars. From April 2, we will remind, in Moscow there is a new edition of the metropolitan COAP, which makes it possible to apply a fine of 5 thousand. rub. In relation to citizens who violate the regime of self-insulation with the “use of the vehicle”. Until now, this sanction has not been applied. Mr. Sobyanin stressed that the punishment would affect those citizens who are on official quarantine, that is, patients with coronavirus on home treatment, their close relatives, in contact with sick, as well as those who returned from foreign trips.

The mayor noted that the metropolitan authorities “see all cars” belonging to this category of citizens.

In Moscow, we recall, there are more than 2 thousand. Violations fixation cameras, data from them are transmitted to the UGIBDD to send out the fines of car owners. No explanations from the Center for the Organization of the Road Movement of Moscow and the State Automobile Inspection on Thursday did not receive.

There are two options for punishment of intruders with the help of cameras, the coordinator of the “Blue buckets” movement of Peter Shukumatov. The first is tracking machines of quarantine violators and the direction of their owners of fines by mail. “On the one hand, such a fine will be very easy to challenge and cancel. It is enough to send a statement to the traffic police that another person was behind the wheel, who is not on quarantine, and the owner was treated at home, – explains Mr. Shkumatov.- It will be the basis for the decision to cancel. On the other hand, to send such a statement, you will need to come to the traffic police, and therefore disrupts self-insulation regime “. The second option is to track the routes of car movement and stopping them with patrols (the similar scheme today applies the traffic police for the separation of debtors). Sources “” say that this option is likely to be applied. “This option is more logical, but in this case you can only sympathize with inspectors, because they will have to directly contact with infected, it will be necessary to take serious precautions,” says Peter Schukumatov.

After hiking intruders of self-insulation, it will be fined to finish ..
After hiking intruders of self-insulation, it will be fined to finish ..

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