As Brazil entered the leaders in the victims of COVID and what…

As Brazil entered the leaders in the victims of COVID and what…

Brazil’s Infinity Memorial commemorates COVID-19 victims

As Brazil entered the leaders in the victims of COVID and which role was played by her presidentvirus, Brazil, Brazil, was played in this,. In the country, as of Friday, more than 310 thousand. infected and more than 20 thousand. deaths from coronavirus (this figure almost doubled over the past 12 days). The Brazilian championship is inferior only to the United States and Russia with indicators of 1.5 million and 326 thousand. Cases respectively. But among experts, concerns are increasingly expressed that the real number of ills in the Latin American country are several times higher. So, journalists of the EL PAIS newspaper drew attention to a suspiciously high percentage of mortality from coronavirus in Brazil and the fact that there is relatively little tests in the country daily.
Using the methodology of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, journalists came to the conclusion: 19 of the 20 infected are not included in official statistics, and in reality it can be about 3.7 million sick brazilians.

The health care system in Brazil is already close to the Collapse: in the wards of intensive therapy São Paulo, there are practically no places left, and urban hospitals are filled by 75%. In the mayor’s office warn that the overloaded health system will last for a maximum of two weeks. Serious shortage of beds in resuscitation is observed in Rio de Janeiro. In the city of Manaus in the Amazon Pool hospitals were crowded so much that the dead had to bury in common graves.

As reported by US President Donald Trump, given the negative dynamics of development of the situation in Brazil, Washington is considering the possibility of introducing a ban on a message with this Latin American country.

Meanwhile, the President of Brazil Zhair Bryson, whom the media has long been called the “Brazilian Trump”, still remains one of the few world leaders who deny the threat of coronavirus. WHO recommendations, including the adoption of social distance measures, Brazilian leader ignores. Last Sunday, for example, he met with his supporters who decided to do (and have done freely) with him Photos. And two weeks ago, Mr. Blantar announced that he was going to arrange a barbecue party, at which about three dozen people will be present.

According to Jair Blonar, economic damage is much more dangerous than the pandemic itself.

For this reason, politician has spread over the past month with two ministers of health – Enrika Maddetta and Nelson Teishe, who criticized the approaches of the president to the problem. Disagreements arose including because of the methods of treating the disease: Mr. Bsoner actively promotes the use to combat COVID-19 hydroxychlorochin – medicines that are used to treat malaria. Of which in the use of which was recognized and Donald Trump. Studies, however, demonstrated: the drug is not only inffective, but it may even harm.

According to the director of the Ibero American Institute (Moscow) Vicente Barrienos, the decision not to introduce quarantine at the nationwide level is due primarily by economic reasons: in case of such a step, the president would have to “provide citizens of significant economic assistance”. “Due to the fact that the economic situation is so unfavorable, he decided to refrain from this,” the expert noted in a conversation with “Kommersant.

As Brazil entered the leaders in victims of COVID and what ..

Meanwhile, at the regional level, the authorities show independence. Back in April, 24 of the 27 governors of the country used their authority to introduce quarantine measures against the opinion of the president. At the same time, the supporters of Zhair Blantar were intensified in the country: the opponents of the introduction of Quarantine came to the demonstrations and, moreover, they demanded “military intervention led by Brysar”. Partially the requirement was completed: after the resignation of Nelson Teisha, who did not hold out at his post and month, the Ministry of Health was temporarily taken under the control of the military.

Brazil is now experiencing not only the crisis of the health system, but also a political crisis.

At the end of April, the Minister of Justice of the country Sergiu Mora, who accused Jair Brysar, who accused Jair Besonar in the work of law enforcement agencies, namely, to prevent the investigation of criminal cases, whose defendants are the sons of the president. At the same time, the Supreme Court began investigating: if the president’s wine will be proved, he can lose his post through the impeachment procedure. The survey conducted by the Sociological Center of DataFolha at the end of April demonstrated that the opinions of Brazilians were divided: 45% made a impeachment and 48% against.

Last Thursday, the situation was aggravated even more: seven opposition parties and more than 400 organizations sent a joint request for the president of the impeachment to the Chamber of Deputies. In their opinion, the head of state “leads Brazil and most of the population to the tragedy”: he took an irresponsible position during a pandemic, encroaches the democratic foundations and committed a number of official crimes.

“The opposition is confident that the impeachment of Zhair Blsonor is not far off. Opponents consider president by a man who have gaps in education that do not allow him to think strategically. It seems that he works as a fireman and at the same time fighting with everyone, “Vicente Barrientos said” Kommersant.- Meanwhile, the president as a former military supports military elite (although not all). And among the simple people, he still enjoys great popularity. “.

As Brazil entered the leaders in victims of COVID and what ..
As Brazil entered the leaders in victims of COVID and what ..

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