Car owners without skips will receive fines in the amount…

Car owners without skips will receive fines in the amount…

How to Check and Pay UAE Traffic Fines Online

Car owners without skips will receive fines in the amount of 5 thousand. rub. With each road chamber chamber, the white chamber “For example, when driving under ten cameras, the total amount of the fine will be 50 thousand. rub.”,” Says the interlocutor “”.

To check the passage of drivers will also stop the traffic police and Madi inspectors during joint raids: in the absence or cancellation of the pass, the penalty will also be 5 thousand. rub., It will be written in place.

In the Moscow region, according to “”, the system of photovideo phyxation of violations will be used in other mode: the route of the machine that goes without skipping, will be sent by complexes, then stop at the nearest post and check. Moscow Region Coap also implies a penalty of 5 thousand. rub. For violation of the insulation mode using a vehicle. Pass will be asked to present passengers.

How, who and why need to receive electronic passing in Moscow and Moscow region

Art. 3.18 COAP of Moscow, we will remind, implies evacuation of the car of the violator to the storage. The measure of the provision was already applied last Friday: traffic police and Madi caught citizens who are in a quarantine base and move on cars. However, in the absence of digital pass, the evacuation will not be applied. We are talking only about the fine.

How the digital pass system is arranged and that threatens to violators

We note, according to the decree of the mayor №43, from April 15, citizens have the right to be outside the place of their stay in the presence of official certificates of servicemen, state and municipal employees, judges, lawyers, notaries, as well as upon presentation of editorial certificates or “other identity documents And the powers of the journalist “. According to “”, the staff of the metropolitan police transferred the numbers of their cars to the personnel departments, they already entered in the base. The same did the metropolitan judges and employees of vessels. “The certificate can be shown to a police officer, there is no camera, – said” Kommersant “employee of the Prosecutor General’s Office.- Many issued passes on cars just in case, because without a mess, I think it will not cost “. In the central office of UKR “” reported that the executives of the department warned the staff in advance so that they independently issue permits for movement by car through the personal account on MOS.Ru.

The State Duma deputies were also information about the State Duma deputies, said “” First Deputy Head of the Duma Committee on Gosstroiteli Vyacheslav Lysakov.

How information will be gathered, for example, about cars of journalists, in explanations of the department of transport not said. The head of the Moscow branch of the Union of Journalists of Russia (SZhR) Pavel Gusev stated “”, which was already sent a letter to the mayor’s readiness to provide information about 15 thousand. journalists (members of the SZhR), but so far such information urban authorities did not request. According to the surveyed “B” lawyers, they also have not collected information about. “Tomorrow I go to "Lefortovo", So I will see what will be, “said the lawyer Sergey Starovyov,” said “”. “We discussed this problem in the chat of the Council of the Moscow Law Chamber and came to the belief that the Decree of Sergei Sobyanin was completely unequivocal,” said Konstantin Rivkin, a member of the Council of the Moscow Law Chamber of Moscow.- will try to finish – we will challenge “.

Car owners without skips will receive fines in size ..

How to finally finish citizens for violation of self-insulation regime

In the suburbs, checking special specialists from April 15 will also be traffic police officers from the entrances from municipalities in the region. This was reported in the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moscow region. “In connection with the conduct of test activities, it is possible to make difficulties in the movement of transport,” police reported.- The traffic police of the Moscow region asks motorists to plan the time of their travels “.

It should be noted that innovation will appear in the actions of hiking police patrols from the environment.

Now in a group of two-three employees should be at least one with a service smartphone or tablet with an installed application for scanning an electronic code. It is assumed that it is with the help of these gadgets the police will check the legality of the stay of citizens on the street.

If the digital pass is not scanned or it turned out to be at all, the protocol will be drawn up, and the “illegal” will be offered to return home. According to “”, several years ago, the metropolitan police purchased about 5 thousand. Protected smartphones. All of them were distributed among DPS employees and patrol service. Only some of the Rosgvardeysians are armed with the tablets and almost all the precinct authorities (there are about 2.5 thousand in the staffing schedule.). Allegedly considered the question of installing the application for scanning codes on the personal phones of the police. However, this idea had to abandon, because it confesses with the relevant departmental orders. In the metropolitan police to the question “”, how will the issue of a possible lack of codes from the police readers will not answer.

Late in the evening on Tuesday, the TASS source in the city hall said that in the coming days, road cameras in Moscow will not register for discharge of a fine of drivers without digital passes: “No. Now this information is not true, the next two days is also not correct. Then let’s see.

Car owners without skips will receive fines in size ..

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