Chemist Villa Mirzayanov – About the doses “Novik” “5 grams…

Chemist Villa Mirzayanov – About the doses “Novik” “5 grams…


Chemist Vil Mirzayanov – About the doses "Novik" "5 grams of substance will be enough to poison tens of thousands of people"— No, this is implausible data. It's too much, it is fantastic, so much is not necessary, so much impossible. When we worked, 50 g — It was the ultimate storage rate in the room in the daytime "Novice" and other nervous substances in a special safe under the ventilation burden. We got in the morning and donated in the evening. This is too dangerous for everyone, you can do such that there will be no one, but hundreds of victims, and even more. Therefore, it is fantastic.

— And how many people can be poisoned by such a dose?

— On average, the theoretically class "newcomer" – there are many of them – 1 mg per person is enough to poison, that is, 0.001 g. Dance from this.

5 grams will already be enough for tens of thousands of people to poison theoretically.

Although it all depends on the terms of use – meteo conditions, all others, from how it is used as it is delivered to victims. But nevertheless, 1 g is quite theoretically for a thousand people, and here 5 thousand. will be. Therefore, it is fantastic.

— The British press wrote that the day of poisoning in Salisbury was fog, and you said that in the conditions of humidity "Novice" does not act so effectively. Maybe this is connected with this number?

– No, it is unacceptable, a little-old competent chemist does not allow such quantities – it is extremely dangerous, this does not authorize it at all, it is madness.



— Also, the head of the organization for the prohibition of chimoras said that the "newcomer" was now making it in the list of substances followed by the OPC. What does this mean that it will change now?



— Now you can control the relevant centers, but only centers. And others, for example, enterprises are unlikely to – the Convention was not approved there. It is necessary for inspection of centers where research works are conducted. Secondly, they are now subject to customs control, on the borders. It was my goal, I've struggled for it for 28 years, and finally, my dream, my goal is almost reached.

Chemist Vil Mirzayanov - about the doses

— You said that centers that produce chemical weapons will be monitored. But this does not exclude the fact that the substance may be carried out in some trunk conditions in the presence of qualified chemists? It turns out that the introduction of "Novice" in this list does not exclude its illegal production?

What aroused at the OPCW meeting when discussing an unknown poison

— Of course you can always find loopholes. However, if it is prohibited, it means that the precursors can be controlled in order to synthesize these substances, a lot of things can be monitored and achieving some reasonable target. So this is a very positive step. And some highly qualified chemists without experience can not do, once again I want to emphasize, whatever competent, if they have not passed a long-term school of training in such centers as Gosnieokht, Edgewood in the United States and Porton-Down in England. Without this, terrorists or someone will not take it there, it's nonsense all.

— On the eve of the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman said that in his country, they also produced a "novice", it is really possible?

— Why not? It is possible, of course. In Soviet times, the Czechoslovak army center of antihimical defense was very, so to speak, qualified, so they probably have such a school. Since they have such a center, it is not difficult to synthesize 5 g. I know that in the Hague Iranian experts, following the formulas from my book, synthesized and made this data in the computers of the appropriate instruments. But it was not entirely legally, probably. And now it will be quite already legally with the decision of the OPCW.

— It turns out, given this statement, the version of the accusation falls around that the "newcomer" could produce only in Russia?

Chemist Vladimir Agrolem – On the findings of British investigators

— No, why? If the British have deciphered than poisoned, it means that they had data at least mass spectral data on their devices. And mass spectral data without the synthesis of the substance, and then it is impossible to expose it to analyze, so, of course, this can be done in such centers. I emphasize, only in centers. But one thing — You can synthesize, but another thing — study all properties of the substance to enjoy them for any purpose. It requires a lot of time and money. For the research "Newbiks" was spent 15 years of minimum. But is it in Czechoslovakia, there somewhere in England such extensive studies were held? Not. Of course, it is in the Soviet Union. Moreover, in my book I described one of the "newcomers" – A230, he was adopted as the arms of the Soviet Army, this I approve with full responsibility. So this experience is available only in Russia. And all other calibrations got their devices, synthesized, that's all. It is not so easy. I emphasize, the minimum of 15 years has been studied properties. There was a lot of things openly, a lot of things were unknown. And I do not reveal them, but this is not such a simple thing: I took it, synthesized, and all. No matter how.

Chemist Vil Mirzayanov - about the doses
Chemist Vil Mirzayanov - about the doses

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