Control the movement of Muscovites will be the system…

Control the movement of Muscovites will be the system…

Movement – Control You

To control the movement of Muscovites will be the campaign recognition system of impaired observance that the authorities are preparing informsystems for tightening control due to coronavirus, said March 30, Mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin. From March 30 in Moscow and the Moscow region to leave the apartment for applying for emergency medical help, a hike to a store or a pharmacy, a pet walking or to throw garbage. It is also allowed to go to work if the presence is required. It is planned that soon it will be possible to leave only if there is a special.

I hope that by the end of the week we will have information systems that will allow us to almost fully control the movement of citizens

The interlocutor “K”, familiar with the situation, explained how the system will be able to work to control self-insulation. Firstly, You can download photos of people who have already broken quarantine to keep continuous surveillance. Also there can put photos of people with a light form of illness that are treated at home. “The medical mask does not prevent the work of the system: it is capable of recognizing a person, even if up to 40% of the person will be blocked,” the interlocutor assures. According to him, the authorities are most likely not to put in monitoring of all Muscovites. “There are no problems in terms of capacity and technical component of the city, but it will be unreasonable in terms of response to incidents,” he believes.

Secondly, according to the interlocutor, It is possible to monitor the compliance with the full quarantine of individual zones. “You can allocate particularly dangerous buildings or entrances and allow the system to notify that someone came into them. Also additional cameras can be installed on the entrances to the parks and especially crowded spaces, “explains the source. Cameras will also collect an impersonal statistics, which will allow you to see the territory and houses where the flow of people has not declined, and understand what it is connected with. “It would solve the problem "Dogunnikov", who, under the pretext of walking with pets, go to their affairs, how do citizens do in Italy, “explains the interlocutor.

As the Wi-Fi operator connected to video surveillance in Moscow

Necessary technology city has already purchased. The Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow bought the NTechLab system in January, then reported “Vedomosti”. The initial competitive price was 200 million rubles., The final cost side did not disclose. In NtechLab and Dit abandoned comment. For the Face Recognition System, the city hall also purchased servers, data processing devices and computers with American NVIDIA graphic accelerators by 1.2 billion rubles. The company “Mali Temtelecom” reported “” on November 20, 2019. Later, the authorities purchased from the same company equipment for processing video data on transport for 1.8 billion rubles.

One of the sources of “” claims that purchased capacity is not fully unfolded until and can only be used partially, “respectively, most of the work on tracking the quarantine violators will have to be done manually.

According to him, the authorities also want to use data from cellular operators together with video surveillance. The geopositioning system for a mobile network can work on the principle of determining the signal using three and more base stations with amendment to the data from GPS or GLONASS in the phone, explains the head of the sales team of network solutions “Infosystem Jet” Dmitry Karosanidze. If you use only the geolocation system, then problems may occur in urban development conditions: the density of houses is high, the houses are multi-storey and there are many people in them. In this case, the accuracy of determination is 2-5 m. “It turns out that we can determine that a person, patient coronavirus, is in such a house, but on what floor and in which entrance – we can no longer,” explains the expert. The system will be effective if you add analytics with video cameras, it indicates.

Control the movement of Muscovites will be the system ..

Such a system already operates in China, also add information from thermal imagers about the user temperature and transmit to the operational response centers, reminds Mr. Karosanidze. Taiwan also has a system that tracks the subscriber’s route. “The cost of the system can vary greatly depending on the readiness of the technical base of the operator, but in any case it will unfold at least three to four weeks,” the expert believes.

How Moscow is deploying a city-wide face recognition system

In Moscow, the same technology will be used as in Europe, it involves the general director of InfoSecurity A Softline Company Cyril Solodovnikov. “It will receive information from cellular telecom operators, which will allow for a short time to get a map of residents, analyze and predict movement, preventing them from cluster in one place,” he believes.

At the same time, geodata of subscribers and medical information of citizens are protected by the law “On Communications” and the Constitution, and the collection, storage, use and dissemination of information on the privacy of the person without his consent is not allowed, resembles the Director of Legal Initiatives of the Development Fund of the Internet Initiatives Alexander Orekhovich, There are legislative changes. That the introduction of control over Muscovites will require the adoption of a federal law, which will allow “to work more actively on this issue,” March 30 stated Sergey Sobyanin.

In the urban video surveillance system, a multregulated decision to recognize persons is used, the founder and chairman of the board of VisionLabs (25% belongs to Sberbank) Alexander Khanin. According to him, the VisionLabs product in the solution is responsible for the processing of real-time data from 105 thousand. cameras. “The comparison is performed according to the checklists of the search, including the quarantine regime violators, so even violators in masks can be successfully recognized,” he notes.

Control the movement of Muscovites will be the system ..
Control the movement of Muscovites will be the system ..

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