Developing and retirement business groups switched…

Developing and retirement business groups switched…

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Developing and pension business groups have passed to the Cyprus companyO1 Group lost its main Russian assets “The transfer of assets was carried out as part of the settlement of the O1 Group debt to the Moscow Credit Bank (ICD), which was reordered by the concern” Russia “, and then RiverStretch Trading & Investments, “- said in press release. O1 GROUP debt before the ICD totaling approximately 25 billion rubles., recognized in early March the group. In the same month, in an interview with “Kommersant, the owner of the majority shareholder of the ICD concern” Russia “Roman Avdeev said that his concern bought out a loan issued by O1 Group, and hired RT to work with debt&I. In May, “” reported that FG Future Funds can go to this offshore, since the loan was reordinate. A few months later they wrote about it and “Vedomosti”.

In August, information that O1 Group has handed over O1 Properties, confirmed. This in the message for holders of their Eurobonds was reported by the SPV company of the group O1 Properties Finance. Later in the press release of the FGF Fund Fund “Future”, he admitted that in a short time and the pension business Boris Minza will go to the Cyprus Offshore. “Currently negotiations are underway to transition control regarding FG ‘Future’ … RT companies&I as part of the debt settlement of the company O1 Group on the loan received from the ICD, “said the press release.

How did the place for Pension Funds Boris Minza

Rt&I is a “private investment company who specializes in real estate and development investments”, founded in 2007 in Cyprus, is specified in the O1 Properties. In 2015, the offshore was on the Balance of Westure (the company owned by office premises in the Concord Business Center), which belonged to the company “Hudson”, 99% of whose shares, in turn, were included in the CPIF of Mixed Investments “Commercial Investments” Management of the Criminal Code “Region Investments” (included in the Group of Companies (GC) “Region”), evidenced by the data of the appraiser of “Hudson”. “Communications between GK” Region “and RT&I no and never happened, “said the representative of the GC. In 2016, the All-Russian Bank for the Development of Regions (VDRR), the Majoritarian Shareholder of which is the Oil Company (NK) Rosneft, acquired the company “Hudson” refers to the reporting of the WPRD.

Rt&I in 2015 belonged to non-residential premises in the shopping center (shopping center) “Concord Market” area of ​​9.5 thousand. kv. M. In 2016, the acquisition of Hudson’s TBRD was substantiated by the “diversification of assets” and “the achievement of a synergistic effect by placing a part of the Group’s divisions and the final controlling side on its own office spaces”. In 2016 RT&I bought away from Sberbank the founder of Don-Building, Maxim Blazhko $ 275 million. And at the end of 2017 after the arrest of Mr. Blazhko RT&I received in the framework of the agreement with the borrower shopping and entertainment complex “Pike. Also offshore got a business center Nordstar Tower, who previously belonged to Mr. Blazhko. The current leader of the Representative Office RiverStretch Trading & Investments In Russia, Alexei Mazin in 2011-2014 worked as Deputy Director of the Real Estate Department of the Investment Company (IR) “Region” (included in the SIP of the same name), the press release of O1 Properties. Thus, it can be expected that RT specializing in working with real estate&I will continue the development of developer projects O1 Properties.

“We will state problems with a significant debt burden O1 Properties. With experience in real estate and extensive expertise in terms of assets stabilization, our company will actively and consistently search for a way out of the current difficult situation, “the statement of Mr. Mazin is provided.

Developing and retirement business groups switched ..

According to him, the main task of RT&I will decrease the debt burden on O1 Properties.

About the prospects of FG “Future” Mr. Mazin spoke out of Skupo: “Currently, RT&I Conducts a detailed estimate of operating activities, together with the management teams, actualizes strategies … NPF, which are part of the FG “Future” “. “All work will focus on continuing the company’s development and strengthening relationships with large corporate clients … Information on the plans of further development will be announced as they approve with the new shareholder,” the general director of the financial group Marina Rudneva said.

As FG “Future” reported on the possible change of his owner

Earlier in the FG “Future”, the funds of which have a large amount of problem assets and show not the best results of investment activities, stated that the clearing of portfolios of its NPF began and part of the assets was implemented. On cash and their equivalents in FG at the end of the first half of the year accounted for 105.2 billion rubles. Placing these funds was planned after the transition control to RT&I. “The actualization of the investment investment will continue after the transition of control in relation to the RT group&I, “Maria Kalinkina state director of the NPF” Future “. However, the interlocutors “” said that the Cypriot company did not have the experience of financial assets to be a transit point for Pension Assets FG “Future”. In particular, they argued that the funds owned by O1 Group can enter the perimeter of the Association of NPF “Neftegarant”, “Neftegarant NGO” and “OPS Consent”. “” awaits answering the request from RT&I, O1 Group, O1 Properties and FG “Future”.

Developing and retirement business groups switched ..
Developing and retirement business groups switched ..

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