Escalating between Moscow and London hit the cultural…

Escalating between Moscow and London hit the cultural…

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Escalating between Moscow and London struck in culturally connected to the Russian Foreign Ministry, which contains a list of response steps, appeared on the tapes of the agencies on Saturday morning, immediately after the UK Ambassador caused to Smolensk Square in Moscow left the diplomatic office building. As follows from the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow declared people of non-Grata 23 diplomat, and also decided to bring consent to the activities of the British Consulate General in St. Petersburg and stop the work of the British Council in the Russian Federation.

In addition, Moscow reserves the right to take additional measures, “if further actions of an unfriendly nature have been taken towards Russia”.

How to grow problems in Russian-British relations

In his response, London Moscow was not limited to a mirror response to expulsion 23 diplomats and went much further. Oblated measures provide for the termination of the work of the diplomacy in the Northern Capital, as well as the British Council – a public charitable organization, which was implemented by the implementation of educational and cultural programs in the Russian Federation and actually became the main channel of distribution in Russia by British “soft power”. During the previous diplomatic conflict caused by Litvinenko, in 2007, 13 of the 15 Centers of the British Council in the Russian Federation were closed. Nevertheless, it was not decided to declare the full folding of his work. After a decade, the British Council did not survive the “Court of Squeak”.

What did the British Council in Russia

“The head of the British Council remains in Russia, he can perform the functions of an adviser on culture and engage in continuing all those programs that are available,” the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharov tried to calm the passion. However, the British side did not convince these words. “We are disappointed to the depths of the soul. From our point of view, when political or diplomatic relations are becoming complex, cultural ties and opportunities in the field of education are vital to preserve the existing dialogue between people and organizations, “the British Council said in the official statement.

I do not agree with the interpretation of Moscow and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UK Boris Johnson. “These useless measures will only bring losses to ordinary Russians, depriving them of the opportunity to learn English and apply for a British visa,” the head of the Forin office said. The UK Foreign Ministry also reported that the Council of National Security will consider further measures against Moscow at the beginning of the week. Menting on learning English, Boris Johnson touched one of the most sensitive issues for Russians. The British Council owns the official right to conduct an IELTS exam – certified English test test, which must be passed, going to a permanent place of residence, work or study in English-speaking countries.

Escalating between Moscow and London hit the cultural ..

What were the first consequences of the “case of a screed”

Experts’ surveyed experts believe that Moscow elected by Moscow is emphasized the hard scenario in the crisis around the “Creation of the Scrip” is explained as a loss of hope for the development of dialogue with London with the current office of the Teresa Mei and the reluctance to look a weak side, which can be perceived as confirmation of the legality of the extended Moscow accusations.

“London did not leave Moscow selection. Russian soft reply on the eve of the vote March 18 would look strange. In addition, any such response would be perceived as an indirect recognition of Moscow of his guilt, “explained” Kommersant “Director General of the Russian Council on International Affairs Andrei Kortunov. According to the expert, the main hopes in the European direction Moscow binds not with Britain, but with Germany and France, with which “a certain space for a dialogue still persists”.

Transcript of performances of Teresa Mei in the Parliament of Great Britain

A similar opinion adheres to the coordination of European political research IMEMO RAS Nadezhda Arbatova. “The rigid position of Moscow is a protective reaction. Russia could not afford a mild response, because he could be regarded as an indirect proof of her guilt, “Mrs. Arbatova explained. According to the expert, the Russian-British conflict will not turn into a new large-scale crisis in relations with the EU. “Europe is tired of confrontation, and degrading relations with Russia is even more, despite the individual strict statements against Moscow, it is not ready,” says Nadezhda Arbatova.

Escalating between Moscow and London hit the cultural ..
Escalating between Moscow and London hit the cultural ..

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