Ex-Minister of Defense of the DNR refused to pay them $ 400…

Ex-Minister of Defense of the DNR refused to pay them $ 400…

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Ex-Minister of Defense of the DNR refused to pay them $ 400 million victims of the flight MH17 won a lawsuit against Igor Smallpotnaping, Passenger Boeing with 298 passengers on board was shot down on July 17, 2014 over the territory of Ukraine, where active fighting was held at the time. According to the conclusions of the International Commission, which includes representatives of the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Ukraine and Malaysia, the plane was shot down with the help of the Zenit Rocket Complex "Buk-M1" delivered to the DPR from Russia. Russian version Other: According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the rocket from the complex "Beech" was launched from the district engaged in Ukrainian troops.

Two versions of Boeing crash near Donetsk


The court of the Northern District of the American state of Illinois decided on the case on December 20, 2017, but the media about it became known only today – due to the fact that Floyd Weisner's lawyer, who participated in the process, spoke about this by the Netherlands journalists. According to him, the compensation that Igor Strelkov should pay for every deceased passenger, whose relatives appealed to the Court of Illinois, is $ 10 million as a fine and another $ 10 million for moral damage. It remains not fully understood, why the total amount that Igor Strelkov should pay is $ 400 million, and not more. As stated on the TV program, the circumstances of the death of 25 people were considered in court, and thus the final amount was supposed to be $ 500 million.

At the disposal of "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" turned out to be copies of the court documents, which presented the lost list of applicants and the dead they represent.

According to these documents of the victims, it was indeed 25, however, the number of plants – 24, as some people actually performed several flight passengers at once, and one of the passengers – Andrei Marius Angela, was represented at once two relatives. At the same time, for some plaintiffs, the amount of moral damage was more. For example, Jordan Anderson has a total of $ 26.5 million. However, on the page published decisions not in all of the plaintiffs, but only nine of them. In addition, it follows from the documents that only one plaintiff – Yasmin Caleeler – has US citizenship. All other plaintiffs and absolutely all victims of the crash of the aircraft had citizenship of other countries.

How was the investigation of the aircraft crash

Many documents on this case are published in the social network "VKontakte". The only subscriber of the page where documents are posted – Alexander Weisner, apparently, an employee of the Wisner Law Firm advocacy agency representing the interests of the plaintiffs. This means that it was she who did all publications. The first record on the page dates back January 14, 2017. In it, Igor Strelkova urge to respond to the plaintiffs complaint so that the court did not pass without the participation of the defendant.

As Igor Starkova, Mikhail Polykov, told "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com", American lawyers really appeal to him and another familiar DPR commander about a year ago, trying to contact himself with the defendant.

Ex-Minister of Defense of the DNR refused to pay them $ 400 ..

Alexander Weisner sent him a copy of documents to his personal messages. "But I am Ivanovich (Igor Rodkov.- "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com") did not pass, – said "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" Mr. Polyankov.- I just ignored. Still in English I do not understand ".

Why the relatives of the victims of the catastrophe MH17 filed a claim to Russia

"It's just wonderful! – commented on the news about the sentence on his page "In contact with" Igor Rodkov himself.- Now I can not worry about my life next thousand years – to die before it makes me earn and pay to relatives exactly not me shot down "Boeing" either $ 400 million, or all $ 500 million, me these mutants (since only mutants assess the lives of relatives in money) will not allow ". Igor Arrovkov refused to talk to the "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" correspondent, however, through Mikhail Polyankova asked to convey that "he does not recognize any other decision of the courts of foreign powers".

Meanwhile, the plaintiffs, who submitted to the Court of Illinois on the former DPR commander, do not expect any money from him. "We understand that money will not be assembled, it is impossible to sharpen bare chicken. This is a more symbolic step, "said Silen Fredricks, Mother of the deceased passenger Brys Fredricks, told Journalists.

Wiggle Boeing 777 in Donbas

Who and how to investigate the wreck of Boeing in Ukraine – in the photo gallery '' k ''


Ex-Minister of Defense of the DNR refused to pay them $ 400 ..

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