Experts are not yet concerned about…

Experts are not yet concerned about…

Experts Concerned Over Candidacy Of New Centrenergo’s Head

Experts are not yet concerned about the beginning of the second waxavirus worried Germany After the peak of the incidence at the end of April and early May, and the sustainable decline in cases of infection of COVID-19 followed, the increase in the number of ills. However, this growth is separate outbreaks. For example, in the land of North Rhine-Westphalia more than 1300 employees of a meat processing enterprise in the city of Gutherrslo, Coronavirus was identified. As a result, land authorities sent all 7 thousand on quarantine. employees of the enterprise along with members of their families. In addition, somewhat less large outbreaks were revealed in nursing homes, hospitals, refugee centers in different parts of the country.

However, according to the Berlin Institute named after Robert Koch, engaged in the study of infectious diseases, in recent days, precisely due to these individual outbreaks, the reproduction index of coronavirus. So, if last Friday, it was 1.06 (this means that 100 more infected by 106 more people can infect), then on Saturday it rose to 1.79, and on Sunday already up to 2.88. According to experts, it should not exceed 1 for the gradual assay of the disease under control.

What security measures against the second wave of coronavirus are accepted by countries

IN Israel The National Center for Information and Knowledge of Coronavirus, created with the support of the Ministry of Health, announced that the second wave has already begun in the country. In confirmation, the center leads the following figures: in the period from May 15 to 21, the average number of new infesses per day was 16, and last week – 200. Last Saturday the diagnosis was made by 294 people. The specialists of the Center are confident that it is about the second wave, although it is also formed by multiple outbreaks in different parts of the country, in particular, in the nursing homes and in hospitals. According to their forecasts, while maintaining the current pace in the country in the country will be 1000 new cases of infection per day.

However, according to The Jerusalem Post, Chairman of the Israeli Association of Public Health Doctors Professor Epidemiology Hagai Levin believes that the report of the Center “Not Professional” and “Not Serious” at least because among his employees there are no epidemiologists or health experts. He also noted that the report does not relieve the facts, indicated a number of numbers significantly divergent with the data of the Ministry of Health of the country, and called for a panic.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not wait until experts come to a common opinion, and said that the government intends to “sharply tighten” restrictive measures against the background of increasing incidence.

Thus, they can introduce new fines for a quarantine disturbance, more hard to control his observance, and Israel’s special services can again get the right to digital tracking for ill citizens, which at the beginning of the pandemic was subjected to public criticism and was canceled.

IN South Korea more than anywhere, health experts are confident that the second wave has already begun. According to the head of the Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases, the first wave ended in April, then the incidence fell significantly, and in the presence of separate outbreaks there were days when not a single case of the disease was revealed. However, from the end of May to the present, not sharp, but steady growth is observed: the number of diseases per day sometimes reaches 48-69. In this regard, in individual cities, prohibitions on mass clusters of people are again introduced. Seoul’s Municipality warned that ready to re-oblige inhabitants to observe the social distance if the number of cases in the capital will exceed 30 more than three days in a row.

IN Iran The increase in morbidity shows two peaks – at the end of March and early June. The maximum number of new infection in April was 3186, June 4 – 3574, and in the interval – at the beginning of May – less than 1000. However, according to the Iranian authorities, the reason for the current growth is not in real increase in the number of cases, but in the fact that they began to make more tests and identify coronavirus in those who sick with weak symptoms or asymptomatic.

Experts are not yet concerned about ..

A similar point of view also adheres to USA Donald Trump, who is sure that for the continued growth of cases Diseases in the country are the tests.

“If you test so much, then more cases will be detected,” said Mr. Trump, speaking before voters in Oklahoma.- I already told them: “Let’s take it with these tests”. And then all test and test “.

But American experts also do not see the second wave: the total incidence does not fall, but there is no new peak. Just in some places the number of infections falls, and in others, on the contrary, increases. “The virus applies to the United States and strikes different places with different intensity at different times,” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation explained Richard Wood Johnson Foundation, which in 2009, during the Pandemic Pandemic, headed American disease control and prevention centers. According to another influenza expert, Arnold Monto from the University of Michigan, the current situation in the United States could be called “the continuing spread of a virus with separate exacerbations”. And in general, American experts note that the concept of the second wave is subjectively, everyone interprets him in its own way. And even more so, given the novelty of COVID-19 and its insufficient study, it is hardly possible to predict this second wave with confidence, for example, in late summer, in the fall or next winter.

But many experts in the world agree that it is not worth relaxing anyway. Moreover, in the history of the world there is a sad experience when the second wave turns out to be much stronger than the first, as it was with the Pandemic “Spanish” in 1918-1919. And the third wave also happens.

Experts are not yet concerned about ..

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