“Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com checked whether Coronavirus really gives the position…

“Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com checked whether Coronavirus really gives the position…


"Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" checked whether Koronavirus really gives the position "Stabilization" Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova two days earlier also reported that the rate of distribution of coronavirus infection in Russia slows down. According to her, "in the stabilization stage" are 58 subjects, "in the stage of slowing down" – three, "in the continuing growth stage" – 24 subjects. The head of Rospotrebnadzor emphasized that the average weekly growth rate of the number of confirmed diagnoses "is consistently held at the level of 1.2%", which "not yet inspires big optimism". At the same time, Anna Popova noted that the acute situation in the regions "is not always connected with a high rate of increase, but also with high levels of daily registration of the number of ills.

As of December 2, in Russia, more than 77.2 million laboratory research on COVID-19 was held, as of November 25 – more than 73.7 million, as of November 18 – more than 70 million, on November 11 – more than 66 , 1 million. That is, while the weekly number of tests conducted in Russia decreases somewhat, last week it amounted to 3.5 million, whereas a week earlier – 3.7 million tests, and even earlier – 3.9 million.

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Recall that the "certain points of stabilization" Mrs. Popova also spoke on November 24, calling not to remove restrictive measures: "As soon as we weaken efforts, the situation may return to the same time of the growth that we have seen in early November".

This week, she expressed the hope that "on holidays and holidays after the New Year holiday competent and clear anti-epidemic compliance with all requirements will allow to maintain today's situation". Mrs. Popova also reported that the coefficient of proliferation of the coronavirus (the ratio of the amount of the number infected over the past four days to the amount of the number infected in the previous four days) in 62 regions is less or equal to one: "From mid-October, a decrease in reproduction indicator is noted to one until unstable ".

"Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" checked where in the regions of power reported on "stabilization" or the slowdown in the growth rate of the number of new confirmed cases.

This, in particular, the head of the news Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev, saying that the Republic of Incidence was passed in the republic. As a confirmation, it brought not only the test results, but also the number of appeals for help from local residents: "The maximum took place at the end of October – the beginning of November. Then 15-25 thousand came in a day. Calls to the service of hot lines ». About stabilization declared and. about. Head of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor Magadan region Alexandra Metelitsa: "According to the severity, asymptomatic diseases recently prevailed". IN Orenburg region The Minister of Health of the Tatyana Savinov region said on the slowdown in the incidence of incidence, adding that in the region "came in the number of hospitalizations to the level of the last week of September". According to her, the overwhelming majority of the region's medical institutions reached the staff load. Regional authorities decided to reduce the number of medical institutions for patients with COVID-19 due to a decrease in the number of patients.

Governor Voronezh region Alexander Gusev stated that the daily volume of hospitalization of patients with coronavirus infection and pneumonia decreased by 20-25% from the peak indicators of the end of October: "In the second half of November we see that the situation has stabilized, for three weeks gradually decrease in part of hospitalized". At the same time, the figure of the daily growth of sick covid-19 during this time increased.

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IN Buryatia On the eve of the end of Lokdaun, which began on November 16 and lasted two weeks, the head of the republic Alexey Tsydenov announced that although the restrictions did not lead to a decrease in the fixed level of incidence of coronavirus, it became "easier" in the region with the occupancy of beds, "practically eliminated testing a test".

IN Altai Territory In the second half of November, a decrease in daily infection was noted. According to the Minister of Health of the Dmitry Popov region, more than 10% of the karea fund remains free, the number of emergency challenges has decreased, the appeals of residents in hospitals. This, in his opinion, also allows us to talk about stabilization of the situation. In the region, also began to re-refill "Covered" medical institutions, returning former functions, for example, will earn the Center for Maternity and Childhood.

Studyer Data Insight Research Agency Boris Ovchinnikov, who regularly analyzes the statistics of search queries in the Russian regions on the main symptoms of coronavirus infection (for example, "sense"), "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" reported that "regions with a significant decrease in requests are many requests": "First of all, these are Siberian and Far Eastern regions, for example, Khakassia, Jewish JSC, Amur region, Buryatia, Altai, Novosibirsk and Omsk region. To the west of the Urals, the largest reduction in the last seven days, on December 1 inclusive, – in the Ulyanovsk region ". "But at the same time, about half of the Russian regions, the number of requests for smell increases, – the expert notes.- Consequently, it can be assumed that there is a growing number of illness ".

So, the increase in user activity is recorded in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Krasnodar Territory.

As the expert reported earlier, the total "number of requests for the word "Smean" Grow again ":" For a week 384 thousand. Requests, plus 2.2% for the previous week. It seems to be a small increase, but after a reduction of 12% per week in the previous two weeks, a sharp deterioration of the dynamics is saddened ".

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