“Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” found out how in Russia it is rapidly reduced…

“Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” found out how in Russia it is rapidly reduced…

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"Kommers" found out how in Russia the number of free bids for patients with COVID-19Virus does not fit into the hospital of the metropolitan health department "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" also reported that "the load on CT centers really increases": "Waiting time in some cases can be More than an hour … With an increase in the load, all necessary measures are taken to routing patients to other centers to speed up the diagnostic process. "The situation with the spread of coronavirus in the city is becoming harder every day," recognized in the department, calling the citizens to "remember the recommendations of doctors on the use of personal protective equipment, personal hygiene and social distance rules".

To the question "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" about how the occupancy of beds in hospitals who take patients with coronavirus infection, did not respond in the department. Recall, in the past few days, two temporary hospitals in Sokolniki and Krylatsky began work in Moscow. Only in a temporary hospital in the Ice Palace "Krylatskoe" there were 1347 infectious beds and 42 beds intensive therapy. "At the moment, there is an increase in sick, including with heavy forms of flow, requiring inpatient treatment, which is why ambulance machines, it happens, accumulates before the reception office of the hospital," so the chief doctor of the hospital in Communard Denis Protsenko commented on the photo with a variece of Kareet ambulance lined up before the establishment.

A resident of Novotroitsky also turned to "Kommersant Orenburg region, Father which with a temperature above 39 and a significant degree of lung degradation did not become hospitalized, referring to the shortage of beds. So far, the authorities in the region did not comment on the situation with the treatment and diagnosis of patients with COVID-19.

In a number of regions, the authorities recognize the shortage of beds and problems with CT, and somewhere that only doctors and patients speak about it.

So, that in Bashkiria There is a shortage of places in infectious hospitals, the head of the Republic of Rady Habirov reported. Those who were hospitalized say that an extract is forced with any positive dynamics. Surveys on CT patients are also waiting for hours, including those that lie in hospitals, communicate interlocutors "Kommers.

That the situation with CT is complex, employees spoke soon Magnitogorsk During the campaign "Pay for COVID-19": doctors stated that, accompanying patients on CT, sometimes it is necessary to wait for 8-10 hours. A residents Chelyabinsk complain that they can't wait for ambulance: some are waiting for several days. In Most Roshv, explain this with a large number of challenges due to seasonal growth of the incidence of ARVI and influenza. On the pages in the social networks of the governor Stavropol Territory People also complain that the patients with suspicion of COVID-19 have to wait for an ambulance for a long time that the therapists do not come to challenges, patients with temperatures are forced to expect a doctor's reception for hours.

Re-enter the tough power limitations yet do not plan

On social networks and messengers, reports are applied to the lack of CT in Yakutia. The head of the Republic of Icesen Nikolaev declared that the devices work with full load and asked "not to pass this study just so". Vice-Prime Minister Olga Balabkin stated that the authorities are taking measures to prevent queues: an increase in the work schedule of the apparatus, adding additional doctors and conducting explanatory work among the population. And the authorities of the Republic of Crimea turned to private companies with a request not to raise prices for CT research.

IN Samara region There is a shortage of beds for infected. According to the official chat, the operational headquarters to combat COVID-19 with reference to the Minister of Health Region Armen Benyan, more than 200 additional places have been prepared, but they are already filled with 93%. In this regard, in the near future, more than 400 beds will be prepared.

In the Ministry of Health Nizhny Novgorod region "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com" reported that 3153 beds were deployed in the region for patients with a new coronavirus infection, 345 beds are available. As I found out "Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com", in a number of areas of the region, for example, in Bogorodsk residents without temperature, but with the symptoms of the disease (loss of smell), doctors recommend to go to the clinic to receive. Nizhegorodets Andrei Korunov wrote about similar problems in the Zavolzhye, who achieved his parents to make His parents and hospitalized.

A declaration is published, criticizing locarks as a strategy to combat coronavirus

October 6, head Udmurtia Alexander Brechavov live on his page in VKontakte reported that a kainy fund for patients with coronavirus infection and community-hospital pneumonia, which was prepared in July, is now filled. In total, 1602 beds are occupied in the hospitals of the republic, the reserve fund is used – about 480 beds. Mr. Brechavov announced the preparation of another 1 thousand. Cotek.

IN Petersburg Of 4.9 thousand. Cups are free only 858. According to the plan, the number of beds for coronavirus patients should increase to 8.1 thousand. In LenExpo, a temporary hospital will be deployed, which can take up to 2.5 thousand. Patients with coronavirus infection.

IN Voronezh region from 3913 beds for patients with COVID-19 free 374. IN Primorsky Krai from 1345 beds free 236. Exchange rate of infectious hospitals and departments in Magadan region – 60%, in Magadan – 78%. IN Khabarovsk Territory The loading of a karea fund is 73%. At the same time in the very Khabarovsk The indicator is above – 92%. IN Republic of Altai Currently, 404 beds for patients with coronavirus infection are deployed, about 340 beds are filled. IN Rostov region Exemplary exceeded 100%: On October 6, 1753 patients were diagnosed with COVID-19, October 7 – 1797 patients. In this case, the total number of beds in the region -1774, another 890 in reserve. October 8 in Rostov-on-Don will open a hat-sized hospital and bring 400 beds from the reserve.

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