“Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” saw who and how to manage the march of opponents…

“Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” saw who and how to manage the march of opponents…

“March of the Three Kings” by Georges Bizet

“Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” saw who and how Alexander Lukashenkobelorussky protest passed the MKAD

On Sunday, the Belarusian opposition held the so-called People’s Inauguration Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in counterweights “Secret Inauguration” Alexander Lukashenko, which was held in the middle of last week. Protesters collected more than 80 thousand. Man, blocked the prospectus and several hours went on it from the center of Minsk. As a result, they crossed the Moscow Ring Road and got to the deep outskirts – Uruchye. Why the protest route was exactly the way, found out the correspondent “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” Alexander Black, who passed all the way in the head of the column and saw some decisions were made. And this information clearly will not like neither Belarusian authorities or their opponents.

Alexander Lukashenko’s inauguration took place last Wednesday – and became a surprise not only for the whole country, but for 750 guests, who until the last moment were not confident to which ceremony they are called.

Alternative “folk inauguration” of his rival for the presidential election Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was announced in advance in all independent media and opposition telegram channels and gathered much more participants.

Prospect of Independence – the traditional meeting place of the protesters – was blocked by the security forces in the morning. The Telegram channel “Nehta”, coordinating protests, foresaw such an option and urged supporters in advance to gather at 14: 00-15: 00 “On the line between Niga and Stel”. Here, the influence of “non-hots” on the events of the day in Minsk and ended: the authorities turned off the mobile Internet at about 13:00. The first 200-300 people at this time have already moved to the stele.

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Two grandmothers with white-red-white flags sat down to stay on a shopping center; They smiled and waved the rest. But when a group of photographers appeared in the blue capes “Press”, women were alerted at once.

“What kind of press is? – with suspicion asked alone.- Our or Russian?”Russian,” the photographer of news agency honestly confessed. “Then go to the bath, – Grandma jerked.- and Putin give your own hello! You do not need here “.

Other protesters also began to unfriendly mow on a group in cape. But a month ago, the protesters of Belarusians rejoiced to the attention of Russian journalists and asked to “tell the truth that we were doing here”.

“People’s Inauguration” turned out to be from those events to be safer than. Those who wanted to have time in time were already waiting for the penalties to the stele. Ten black minibuses were silently opened the doors, they silently got ten people in black uniform with black guns and each had every “bead”. Then the security forces jumped in body armor and black balaclava – they grabbed men walking along the sidewalk and dragged buses into the darkness.

Women shouted: “Fascists! Caution, here are the fascists!»Fixed shutters cameras (including Russian). The head of unidentified security workers began to wave a black battle, drivening out journalists: “And then you will get!”In a couple of minutes, buses filled and left.

“This is our Belarusians, our children!”- one of the women killed. It turned out that she spoke about people in Black: “What they do there with them, what are they taught? How are they turning our children to fascists?!”

After a quarter of an hour, the main forces approached – for example, the space around the stele was filled with tens of thousands of protesters. White-red and white crowd went closer to the hill, obscured barbed wire. At the foot of the stela stood the Scheng soldiers in green shape, they were covered by olive armored car. Huge columns were installed on it, which gave a combat car amazingly ridiculous species.

Protesters did selfie against the background of the military; A guy with a poster “Idinauratius” was alone stood next to the prickly wire. Finally, a strict voice rang out of the speakers, the owner of which obviously tried to imitate Levitan. “You violate the requirements of the Law on Mass Events. Please dispay, – the unknown persons coincided.- In case of unnecessary police officers, we will be forced to apply physical strength and special funds in accordance with the legislation “.

The warning was repeated twice, after which something stuck in the columns, bit – and from the armored car, the head of the harmonica was drought. Two deliberate drunk male voices were displayed: “Sa-a-Anya stays with Ami, and everything will be okay!»But the protesters prepared their music response. Several people pulled a small platform on wheels isolated from wooden pallet. It was drummed on it; A man in a black sweatshirt, screaming face with a mask and a hood, famously bought off the fast and loud rhythm. After him, another musician was driving on the wheelchair – a few more drums were attached on the sides of the city. At first he simply supported the rhythm of his friend, and then he could not stand, jumped out of his chair and began to play at the same time on his drums, and on other people’s plates. The crowd tried to clap. Together, they produced such a cheerful noise that they successfully stuck and the song about Sanya, and Soviet melodies, and a new handling demand to disperse.

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