For the lack of digital codes will be sent five thousand…

For the lack of digital codes will be sent five thousand…

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For the lack of digital codes will be sent to five thousand penaltresses without skips, using chasing on April 22 to control the movement of citizens’ cars and the design of digital passes will begin to apply the violations of photovopixation system (consists of 2.5 thousand. cameras). “If you plan to use the car, it is necessary to include in the digital passing of its state number,” Mr. Sobyanin explained.- and this is required for not less than five hours before the first trip. The same order as when you enable electronic card numbers. Machines not included in digital pass will automatically be considered violators. Their owners will be fined. “. The size of the fine mayor did not specify, but probably we are talking about the sanction under Article 3.eighteen.1 COAP of Moscow – 5 thousand. rub., Discount does not apply to it. It also provides for the evacuation of the car, but in the decree of the mayor, it is said that such a measure will not be applied.

11 million travel vehicles are recorded in the city, each will need to check for the presence of skipping.

Inspection of information will be engaged in the center of automatic fixation of the CDAD disorders, the technical opportunity for this is available, says a familiar source “” – the SDD servers are designed for much greater information processing.

At the same time, the fines will be accrued in the Moscow Administrative Road Inspection.

At the same time, manual control on the roads is preserved – the cars stop and check the traffic police inspectors. “Everything, the mayor’s office went to the venosos, – wrote in the Telegram-channel Coordinator of the” Blue buckets “Peter Shkumatov.- What kind of vakhanalia will start with these fines from cameras – even imagine scary “.

“The fine can come, but this does not mean its legality – pays attention to the expert on the system of fixation of violations of Grigory Shukhman.- In the fresh decree of the mayor, it is said that the violators are involved in accordance with the legislation on administrative offenses. It is about the standards of the COAP of the Russian Federation, and he, in turn, provides for simplified regime of fines only for violations of traffic rules and regional improvement laws “. The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation Vyacheslav Lysakov called “an unprecedented” situation when information about cars of the entire power unit – the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, prosecutors, judges and other departments – transferred to the Moscow government. Earlier, employees of a number of departments (including the State Duma) were transferred to the mayor’s number of their cars to include them in the “White Sheet” of the City Hall (which would not have fines on them). New decree of the mayor of April 18, all owners of official certificates are obliged to transfer personal cars to the Moscow Government. “There is a big risk of data leakage. I previously warned about it, and now it happens, “the deputy said.

The fact that the system for fixing violations will be applied to control pass, “” reported on April 15.

After the publication, many social network users were extremely skeptical about the common information, wrote that “this could not be”, and the question of “Kommers” asked a question in personal conversations: “You believe in it?”

MOST MOSCHORDUMY Cyril Shields, the author of the new edition of the CACAP Moscow, commenting on the article “”, called for citizens “not to succumb to provocations and guided by the norms of legislation”, and not “insides of unnamed sources in the media”. “Cameras on the roads fix only the violation of traffic rules, violations of the rules of the regime of high availability and driving without digital code are not in traffic rules,” said Mr. Shields.

For the lack of digital codes will be sent five thousandths ..

Communists demand to cancel the pass in Moscow

At the same time, from April 22, traveling in public transport (in the underground and ground) is tougher. For travel, you can use only the “Troika”, “Arrow”, a monthly travel ticket, social cards (Moscow and regional). “If there are no, it is necessary to bother in advance about their acquisition, – Posted Sergey Sobyanin.- time for this is “. One-time tickets for one trip, payment of a bank card trip – all these ways will not work.

Citizens will have to be at least five hours before the trip to enter into their email card number.

A new pass (for those who already have it) get not necessary. This measure was the consequence of the situation that emerged on April 15: the police began to check the pass in manual mode from all passengers, a crush was created in the subway, which provoked discontent from the population, as a result of the city hall decided to switch to automatic control. A new road control circuit on public transport will work until May 1.

An instrument is also introduced for owners of various kinds of service certificates – military, guards, judges, lawyers, journalists, and t. D., who, by decree of the mayor, are released from the need to receive passes for travel in the city.

For them on MOS.RU has already earned a new feature: the ability to get a pass “to move on service certificates”, where it will be necessary to specify the number of the car, the passport and the number of the identity itself.

“In order to streamline movement around the city, they must register on the MOS website.RU numbers of their personal or service machines, as well as electronic cards, explained Mr. Sobyanin.- If you need to make changes, it can be done in the same order “.

Taxi travel rules are also changing: passengers will need to receive no pass, but special alphanumeric codes (TAXI3004-XXXX-XXXX format) in the same manner as digital pass. To move around the city of cargo passing, they are not required, clarified the mayor, they have quite previously issued standard permits and passes.

For the lack of digital codes will be sent five thousandths ..
For the lack of digital codes will be sent five thousandths ..

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