Hunter Biden became a member of the Board of Directors of Gas…

Hunter Biden became a member of the Board of Directors of Gas…

Hunter Biden’s first interview on Ukraine, annotated

Hunter Biden became a member of the gas company’s board of directors Burisma HoldingsSyn Vice-President of the United States to work for the gas company UkraineChastnaya Burisma registered in Cyprus. Its principal owner is a former MP of Ukraine Party of Regions Mykola Zlochevskyi, at one time served as head of the Ministry of Nature Protection and the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources in the government of Viktor Yanukovych. In April 2012, he received the post of Deputy Secretary of the Security Council and resigned only at the end of February.

According to official documents, over the past three years, Burisma received several licenses for exploration and production of gas and oil. The main assets of the company are located in Dneprovsko-Donetsk, Carpathian and Azov-Kuban pools, and the largest ESCO Pivnich deposit is located in Poltava region. Last year, the total production of Burisma amounted to 450 million cubic meters, which allowed the company to become the largest private gas producer in Ukraine.

“Consumers of Russian gas in the south-east of Europe can wait for unpleasant surprises”

As it became known, to work in the Ukrainian company of the son of Vice-President USA invited his longtime colleague Devon Archer, who began working in Kiev at the end of April. In Washington, Mr. Archer is known as a friend of the family of Secretary of State John Kerry: He lived in the same room in a student hostel with the adoptive son of the head of American diplomacy, the heir of the product empire H.J. Heinz Co. Christopher Hanes. Later Lord Archer and Heinz became co-founders of Rosemont Capital. In turn, this company is affiliated with the investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners and the advisory company Rosemont Seneca Advisors, one of the owners of which is Hunter Biden.

The son of Vice President of the United States received a lawyer’s diploma at the University of Yale, then he was a co-founder of several legal companies. It is part of the Association of Lawyers of the State Connecticut and the Capital District of Columbia, has the right to represent the interests of clients in the US Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Property Disputes. Hunter Biden served as director of the US Department of E-commerce at the US Department of Commerce, and in 2006, on the proposal of President George W. Bush, junior entered the board of directors of the largest rail carrier Amtrack. In addition, a 44-year-old lawyer participates in the work of several public organizations, including the National Policy Center, Advisory Council of the National Democratic Institute and World Food Program USA.

After the appointment of the Biden Jr. Member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Gas Company in the White House, they hurried to declare that this decision was not related to US politics in relation to Ukraine. “Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family, of course, are private individuals, and where they work in no way associated with support (companies.- “”) by the administration, vice president or US president, “the spokesman for the White House of Jay Karni assured. That Joseph Biden has nothing to do with the new place of work of his son, said the press service of the US Vice-President. Hamter Biden himself reported that it was going to “make a cash contribution to strengthening the economy of Ukraine”.

How Joe Biden expressed support for the Kiev authorities

Experts in Washington, however, believe that the appointment indicates the intention of the administration to continue assisting the energy sector of Ukraine, and the main task of the new member of the Board of Directors of Burisma will be the lobbying of the interests of Ukrainian power industry in the US. During the visit to Kiev in April, Joseph Biden repeatedly stated that the administration is ready to offer Kiev a program to reduce energy dependence on Moscow. As part of this strategy, the representatives of the administration conducted a series of negotiations in Slovakia and Hungary, convincing the possibility of reversing gas supplies to the Ukrainian market. “Imagine what feelings you would have experienced if I could declare Russia:” Leave your gas to yourself, “said Mr. Biden, speaking to Ukrainian legislators.- It would be a completely different world!”

Hunter Biden became a member of the Board of Directors of Gas ..

During the visit to Ukraine, the Vice President promised that in the near future Washington will begin the program of energy assistance to Kiev. The administration plans to send to the region of engineers and specialists who could increase the efficiency of oil and gas production, the transfer of the latest technologies and the increase in the energy efficiency of Ukrainian enterprises.

“All these steps should lead to a decrease in the dependence of Ukraine from Russian deliveries,” Polystologist Richard Frolik said “Kommersant.- I do not exclude that Burisma will become the main “operator” of the Energy Aid Program “.

What economy got a new government of Ukraine

The new premiere of Ukraine Arsenia Yatsenyuk went into the inheritance of the empty treasury, one of the most corrupt Penoplasia and the population, which after Maidan is not ready to put up with an incapable state. And on all radical reforms from the new government there are few months. Read more details

Hunter Biden became a member of the Board of Directors of Gas ..

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