In Moscow, limited the conduct of mass events…

In Moscow, limited the conduct of mass events…


In Moscow, limited the conduct of mass events for five thousand, not to meet most of all the limitations will affect the interests of fans. First of all, fans of game sports will suffer. In the Russian Football Championship (in the Russian Football Union and the Russian Premier League, they declared their readiness to fulfill the order) for the period up to April 10 there are seven matches with the participation of four Moscow teams. Among them, two refer to the category of superhitis, around which there is always a colossal for domestic standards. Both will be held at the CSKA stadium. March 22, the leading struggle for the medals, the Army team adopts the leader of the Zenit championship, and on April 12 are found in the capital Derby with Spartak. "In the near future, we will define the procedure for holding matches in Moscow under our auspices," Kirill Melnikov said the director of communications of the Russian Football Union, which promised that the RFU would fulfill the instructions of the authorities.

In the Continental Hockey League (KHL) is now play-off. In the starting round, another or twice will have to play with each other Moscow "Dynamo" and "Spartak". Some of these teams will continue to fight in the second round, as well as CSKA there: matches in its framework will be played during the prohibition period.

In basketball, the victim of the order will also be CSKA – the strongest club of the country. In the calendar of Euroleague, the main continental club tournament, he has three home games before April 15 – with the German "Alboy", the French "Willerban" and Israeli "Maccabi". A few more matches CSKA will hold a single league VTB in the regular championship. Among them, meeting on March 16 with Khimki.

Mr. Sobyanin, explaining a decree on his blog, said that "visiting sporting events, including hockey and football matches," will be limited in such a way that they will be able to visit "not more than 5 thousand. participants and fans ". The mayor did not explain the procedure for organizing such matches. The Gardener added that it would have to cancel the traditional large-scale festival "Crimean Spring", including the celebration of the anniversary of the joining of the Crimea on the Tverskaya, scheduled for March 15.

In the Moscow City Hall have developed three options for the fight against coronavirus

It does not take place, apparently, and protest shares of an incidental opposition, which politicians announce a few hours before the publication of the Decree of Mr. Sobyanin. The reason was the performance of President Vladimir Putin in the State Duma, in which he made an amendment about the reset of the presidential time after the Constitution update. Thus, the representative of the unregistered public organization "Open Russia" Tatyana Usmanova, a member of the unregistered "party of change" Maria Kuznetsova and the head of the "team of Egor Zhukov" Evgeny Ovcharov managed to submit a notice to the Mary of Mitage on the Avenue of Academician Sakharov on March 21. The stated number – 50 thousand. human. "It is actually about the usurpation of power by Vladimir Putin. The country where the power does not change for more than 20 years, there is no future, "the opposition team says. At the same time, representatives of an unregistered opposition movement "Civil Society" were submitted to the Constitution. The telegram channel of the organization in connection with this also refers to ""zeroing" Putin's presidential destination ". The event was suggested to spend on 21 or 22 March on Sakharov Avenue. Applicants for 25 thousand. The person became the participants in the movement and at the same time members of the unregistered Libertarian Party of Russia (LPR) Anton Ovcharov, Igor Efremov, Andrei Bulkin, Egor Ilyushkin. In "Apple" also planned to discuss their participation in the promotions announced on March 21 and 22, but only after their agreement.

Moscow was limited to carrying out mass events

March 15 in Moscow at the metro station "Bratislava" is scheduled for March "In defense of the Ecology of Moscow" with slogans "I / We Against (Southeast.- "") chords "and" against the construction of garbage sites ". Organizer Marsham Municipal deputy Elena Filina said that the event officials "agreed on words", and documentary confirmation is expected on Wednesday. Mrs. Filina did not rule out that the agenda Marshas would be expanded in connection with the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the reset of the presidential time. Perhaps the march will take place, in any case, the applicants promised the City Hall that the event will collect no more than 600 people.

"" found out how transport companies and retailers will fight infection

Part of the system opposition also expressed the intention to protest. The Russian Federation announced on March 17 the All-Russian protest action "For Social Justice! For a worthy life!". Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Central Committee, Sergey Obukhov, told "", that during the action the parties "will require the replacement of power": "The Communist Party of the Communist Party of Vladimir Putin voted against resetting the presidential docks and abstained when adopting amendments in general". Get comments Moscow parties regarding the number of events "" failed.

This week was announced and massive street provisions. Among them, "the big rally concert in support of changes in the Constitution in Moscow on Tverskaya Street and Lubyanskaya Square", the organizer of which was the national liberation movement (node). However, on Tuesday, the Department of Regional Safety Department and Counteracting Corruption of Moscow, Vasily Oleinik reported "" that the relevant notifications in the mayor's notice on March 15 "was not filed". Mr. Oleinik also clarified that similar notifications were not filed for other dates.

Moscow was limited to carrying out mass events

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