In Moscow, patients with cold symptoms will receive prescriptions…

In Moscow, patients with cold symptoms will receive prescriptions…


In Moscow, patients with symptoms of cold will receive prescriptions about mandatory self-insulation Known, patients with SMI symptoms will receive an order to comply with self-insulation regime. "A nominal ruling of the main sanitation will be issued that they must be in isolation mode 14 days. The same ruling will be issued to everyone who resides with him, "she clarified. The patient's condition is noted in the apparatus of the vice-mayor, "doctors will be controlled during regular challenges: such an algorithm will allow dynamic observations in daily mode, in case of deterioration of the state – to quickly change the tactics of treatment and decide on the need for hospitalization". Anastasia Rankov also reported that if the development of pneumonia was suspected, patients will be sent to outpatient centers for computer tomography of lungs, blood tests and ECG. "Last week, 45 buildings clinics were converted to centers for diagnosing patients with ORVI, community-acquired pneumonia and suspicion of coronavirus infection. They work around the clock, "she added. "In these centers, 7 thousand were held in these centers. CT studies of the chest organs, and in 30% of cases identified signs of viral pneumonia, "she said.- more than 3 thousand. Man received antiviral medicines for treating houses, some were hospitalized ".

What does self-insulation regime in Moscow

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Note, according to the SMORODINTSEV's NII influenza, in the last week, the incidence rate of influenza and ARVI in the territory of the Russian Federation below the weekly epidemic threshold.

On average, only by ORVI, it amounted to 405.8 cases per 100 thousand. population person (together with flu – 406 per 100 thousand.). "This is lower than the post-epidemic baseline for influenza and ARVI (636.2) by 18.7% and post-epidemic baseline in ARVI by 32.7%," influenza reported. In Moscow, the incidence of flu and ARVI below epippress by 51.5%.

"It is difficult to diagnose coronavirus without CT and without express test. Therefore, large-scale self-insulation, taking into account the fact that there are respiratory symptoms, it is right, "Boris Blokhin, Chief Expert Pediatrician Federal Service for Supervision of the Russian Federation, said" Kommersant.- Especially if we consider that these symptoms are almost identical with flu and adenoviral infection and paragrippe ".

Mr. Blokhin noted that "even PCR does not always give the result immediately, if a person has a coronavirus, self-insulation is now needed, given that about 20% of infected suffer the disease is asymptomatic.

The head doctor of the medical center "Leader-Medicine" infectious player Evgeny Timakov also called the decision of the metropolitan authorities justified, confirming that the coronavirus infection "In most cases proceeds asymptomatic and in a light form, disguised under ORVI". "You need to think about how to people who are in contact with such a patient, to provide the possibility of visiting work, because in Moscow the population still continues to work," he called. Mr. Timakov added that "not all measures for the organization of self-insulation were prepared adequately, the example of people in the subway can serve as an example with the introduction of digital passes".

In Moscow, patients with cold symptoms will receive prescriptions ..

Moscow and the region remained construction, state procurement, carchairing and introduced a bandwidth for movement

Recall, on April 2, amendments to the metropolitan Administration entered into force, allowing to finish the violators of the self-insulation regime by 4-5 thousand. rub., including using individual recognition systems (from 175 thousand. city ​​chambers) and geolocation of cellular operators. Capital Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on April 9 stated that such tracking technologies would apply to patients with coronavirus on home treatment. "Any of their exit from the entrance is fixed," the town promised. Amendments to the CEAP also provides for a fine of 5 thousand. rub. For violators on vehicle evacuation for specialist. On April 10, the metropolitan police conducted demonstration raids by traveleling, delaying and sending several cars to the finneymanka, which were driving a person who were obliged to be on a quarantine.

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What can not do during quarantine and what threatens for it


Alexander Aronov, head of the lawyers of the Aronon and Partners, equating with ARVI patients in Moscow to persons with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, to track the authorities also use video surveillance and data from cellular operators geolocation. Founder of the League of Health Protection of Medical Law, Lawyer Irina Gritsenko calls such actions illegal, referring to the absence of "legal foundation in Russian legislation". "The issuance of the registered decision of the main sanitary doctor about the need to be in insulation mode is not possible due to unconfirmed by the analysis of the fact of COVID-19," she believes.

Mr. Aronov says that the initiative of the authorities "during the period of high readiness mode corresponds to the situation," but it also does not seem to him legitimate.

The lawyer predicts that tracking of ORVI patients can lead to the fact that citizens will "stop calling doctors from the urban clinic when the cold symptoms are found, they will more apply for private medical assistance.". "Fear of people to be under suspicion of the disease Coronavirus and undergo forced insulation, will certainly lead to the refusal of citizens from communicating with doctors with any symptoms associated with elevated temperature," says Ms. Gritsenko.

In Moscow, patients with cold symptoms will receive prescriptions ..
In Moscow, patients with cold symptoms will receive prescriptions ..

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