Ministry of Internal Affairs will support the mayor in the fight against administrative offenses…

Ministry of Internal Affairs will support the mayor in the fight against administrative offenses…

They want me jailed for criticising the city of Chita

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will be supported by the Merry in the fight against administrative offense. Offenses will help Muscovites self-injected from obstacles was a large number of “regional” composition of administrative offenses, not in all cases of the corresponding police practices as the Federal Office.

As a result, the metropolitan police in the context of the proliferation of coronavirus turned out to be in difficult. In essence, she had the opportunity to attract only those persons who broke out. 6.3 Administrative Code (violation of the legislation in the field of providing sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population), that is, left the housing, having an official instruction on compliance with quarantine, or violators. nineteen.3 Administrative Code (disobedience to legitimate police officer).

Installed by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin fines for violation of the isolation rules legislatively “resulted” due to the lack of an agreement between the mayoria and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Now this gap is eliminated – Moscow police have the right to make protocols on the facts of violations listed in the Decreases of the Gradual.

Recall, Muscovites in the conditions of isolation are allowed to leave their apartments only in order to buy products in the nearest stores, endure garbage, seek emergency medical care and domestic domestic animals. If citizens are obliged to be at work, they have the right to get to the office. Forbidden walks with children, sports jogging, classes in the sports grounds in the courtyards, a taxi trip to relatives and for products. For violation of these norms for citizens, a fine of 4 thousand. rub., In the case of relapse – 5 thousand. rub.

In conditions of combating COVID-19, the best operatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are changing the work profile

All these restrictions fall under Article 3.eighteen.1 (violation of the requirements of the regulatory legal acts of the city of Moscow, aimed at introducing and ensuring the regime of increased readiness in the city of Moscow), introduced into the Moscow Code of Administrative Offenses by Decree Sergey Sobyanin and the Law of the Moscow City Duma of April 1 of this year. According to the agreement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs took over the compilation of protocols in parts of 1-3 of this article (concerning prohibitions for events with full-time presence of citizens, work of retail and nutrition and power facilities.P. – For legal entities, as well as non-compliance with the mode of increased readiness, including self-isolation, and repeated disorders). Outside the city remains logging on the 4th part of this article (violation of the self-insulation regime using transport).

Charge fines on site police officers are not entitled. The protocols compiled by them will not be sent to the courts, but in the city authorities listed in Article 16.3 Code of Administrative Violations of Moscow.

Depending on the specific violation, this can be a combined administrative and technical inspection, the main control department, as well as their territorial divisions. Protocols for violations of self-insulation regime using cars Consider the City Department of Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure and Moscow Administrative Road Inspection. If “transport” violations will be detected by video phixation, then the same scheme acts as in cases with traffic rules. So far, it is not clear how technically will be determined, what time a citizen has broken the rules of self-insulation.

By agreement, the accounting of offenders is entrusted to the city, which will then transfer information to the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow.

It should be noted that in accordance with the agreement, its executors from the police are the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow and the management of transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Central Federal District

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will support the mayor in the fight against administrative offense ..

Interviewed by “” employees of the divisions of the metropolitan police reported that they were not familiar with the text of the agreement yet. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs have already issued “Methodical recommendations on the application of employees of the internal affairs bodies of new provisions of the CACAP, criminal and criminal procedure codes introduced due to the need for an emergency response to the challenges associated with the spread of a new coronavirus infection”.

The bulk of the document is devoted to the administrative offenses. New compositions of administrative offenses related to the “encroachment on the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population” during the CS, quarantine regime or in the event of a threat to the dissemination of a disease that represents the danger to others, as well as related to the distribution of “viral” fakes in the media and the Internet.

Under new types of offenses, the actions (violation of sanitary standards) or inaction (non-fulfillment of sanitary and hygienic and anti-epidemic measures or non-fulfillment of a legally issued legal regulation on such events). Protocols on such violations are both police and employees of Rospotrebnadzor.

In the methods, it is noted that “in order to exclude the risk of dissemination of infection, the delivery of offenders into the premises of the internal affairs authority to draw up a protocol on an administrative offense in exceptional cases”.

The document states that on the basis of. 35 C. 1 Art. 12 of the Law “On Police” Employees of the Internal Affairs bodies “provide assistance to health authorities in delivering to medical organizations to address the court of persons who avoid calling on calls to these organizations; Assist of medical professionals in the implementation of the departed by the court of involuntary hospitalization of persons to medical organizations, and also provide health care provider to access these persons and inspection. “.

Data on violations of sanitary and epidemiological rules can be fixed by video surveillance cameras, the methods says. In the cases provided by law, police officers have the right to use them.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will support the mayor in the fight against administrative offense ..

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