Moscow allowed a vaccinated 15% populationStolichny…

Moscow allowed a vaccinated 15% populationStolichny…

FDA to authorize Pfizer Covid vaccine for 12-15 year olds by next week

Moscow was allowed to vaccinate 15% of the population of trade and services name for vaccination on mass vaccination in the capital started on December 5, when the Russian vaccine “Satellite V” in 70 urban clinics began free to vaccinate teachers, doctors and social workers. According to the regulations, the procedure takes at least an hour: for example, 15 minutes is required only to defrost the vaccine (the substance is stored at -18 ° C) and half an hour – to observe the participant of vaccination after its introduction. Vaccinated was allowed to citizens from 18 to 60 years without chronic diseases that did not hurt the ORVI for the last two weeks and did not make other vaccinations within a month. Pregnant and lactating women vaccine from coronavirus contraindicated.
In the metropolitan mayor’s office could not clarify, employees of enterprises of which services (for example, restaurant or hotel business) will be able to record on vaccination from December 14, as well as what documents they need to be brought to the clinic.

Now, when recording on the website of the city government, it is emphasized that teachers, doctors and social workers for vaccination requires a certificate from work, which indicates the industry of their activities.

According to the Moscow City Court on the average number of employees, in September 2020, 1.03 million people were employed in the field of wholesale and retail trade in Moscow, 250 thousand. citizens were engaged in “administrative activities and related additional services”, 112 thousand. Man worked in the hotel business and catering, and 63 thousand. Man – provided “other types of services”. In the educational industry, according to the Mosgorostat, are 306 thousand. citizens, in health care and social services – another 332 thousand. However, Sergey Sobyanin in 2019 estimated the number of only employees of the metropolitan trade in 1.6 million people. Taking into account the 12 millionth population of the capital, we are talking about the opening of a recording for vaccination at least for 15% of the population (taking into account teachers and doctors).

According to the Grador, in five days of vaccination in Moscow, it was instilled from coronavirus 6 thousand. man, and recorded on the procedure 20 thousand. wishing. “The whole system works well,” Mr. Sobyanin assured. In other words, now in the capital vaccinating from coronavirus about 1.2 thousand. Man daily, or on average 17 people in each of the 70 polyclinic.

Such a pace for vaccination only 1.6 million trade will be required for more than three years, and together with teachers, doctors and social workers (about 2.2 million people) – more than five years.

However, the capital officials spoke about a large number of vacant seats in the electronic record, and doctors – about the possibility of taking more patients. So, the chief physician of the city polyclinic №68 Natalia Kuzenkova told “”, that on the day they can instill up to 60 people, and the head doctor of the city clinic No. 191 Maria Sokolova – up to 100 people. Note that if in each of the 70 clinics will vacuum 60 people per day, then vaccination 2.2 million Muscovites can be reduced to one and a half years, and when speeds are 100 citizens per day in each polyclinic – up to one year.

Capital Vice Mayor Anastasia Rankov assured that by the end of 2020 the number of clinics with the possibility of vaccination against coronavirus will increase from 70 to 170 points. When saving the current campaign pace, this can bring the number of citizens in almost 3 thousand. Man per day, but 2.2 million people will still need no less than two years. However, if all 170 polyclinic “accelerate” to the speed of 100 hidden citizens daily, all teachers, doctors, social workers and trade in Moscow are likely to be vaccinated for four to five months.

Moscow allowed the vaccinated 15% of the populationStolichny ..

“” found out how the mass vaccination from COVID

It is noteworthy that Sergey Sobyanin spoke of the need to instill 6-7 million residents of the capital from Coronavirus. If we assume that 170 the clinic will vaculate the maximum 100 people daily, that is, a little more than half a million per month, then on this procedure even in ideal conditions will take more than a year. However, and the Grador himself recognized that “I will not promote such a car”. Mr. Sobyanin urged “gradually unwind, to go, working out mechanisms and digital records, and logistics of the movement of the cold chain, delivery, storage”. As for the reserves of vaccinations, the Mayor announced the launch of the joint factory of the Government of Moscow and the R-Farm, which will produce up to 10 million vaccines monthly. In R-Farm, promise to start packing the first batch of vaccines “Satellite V” January 21, 2021.

Teachers, doctors, social workers and employees of trade and services will become obtaining a two-component Vaccine “Satellite V”, developed by the center of the Gamalei Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

An electronic entry on the second procedure (between the visits should pass on 21 days), explained in the mayor’s office, will occur automatically, and the SMS with the date, time and the place of receiving the re-vaccine will come per day before the event.

In August 2020, “Satellite V” received temporary registration (issued to the drugs in emergency to protect health) in a special manner provided for by Resolution No. 441 of the Government of the Russian Federation. Registration is valid until January 1, 2021, but the restrictions will be discontinued after the completion of clinical trials, explained the Assistant Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Alexey Kuznetsov. Now there is a third stage of the test “Satellite V”, which must confirm its mass efficiency (on the first two, the tolerability, safety and efficacy of the drug on small groups of patients are determined). Director of the Gamalei Center Alexander Ginzburg clarified that the final results of studies of the vaccine scientists will receive only by the end of July 2021.

Moscow allowed the vaccinated 15% of the populationStolichny ..

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