Moscow City Duma introduced fines in the metropolitan coap for violation…

Moscow City Duma introduced fines in the metropolitan coap for violation…

All convocations of the Moscow city Duma (1993-2020)

Moscow City Duma introduced fines in the metropolitan COAP for violating the self-insulation regime of its norm of the sign of the sign of the “United Russia” of Kirill Shield on the eve of the deputy. He involves the introduction of a fine of 4 thousand. rub. (and with a repeated violation – 5 thousand. rub.) For non-fulfillment of the requirements of the decrees of the mayor of Moscow on restrictions aimed at deterring the spread of infection, including self-insulation at the place of residence. Methods of control will depend on what category a citizen belongs to, explained to Kommers’ Kommers.
A database with photos of citizens who are located in the greatest risk zone (infected people who returned from abroad, in contact with patients passing home treatment and T. D.). Attempts by citizens of this category to get out of the house will be recorded using video surveillance cameras and in cell phones.

Citizens who do not fall into the list of “risky” will be monitored by public patrols and police. The right to “provide public order with the introduction of high readiness regime” will receive 3.7 thousand. volunteers working at public order protection (in each area there are several of them).

The bill allows to apply a fine of 5 thousand. rub. For violation of the self-insulation regime “With the use of a vehicle”, while the car of the violator will be evacuated to the finney. For enterprises that do not perform the requirement “On the temporary suspension of activities with full-time presence of citizens”, fines of 30-40 thousand are introduced. rub. (with a repeated violation – up to 50 thousand. rub.) for officials, 300-400 thousand. rub.- for legal entities (with a re-violation – up to 500 thousand. rub.).

Mr. Shields immediately stressed that the proposed fines and sanctions are necessary for the struggle exclusively with unconscious citizens, “cynically violating self-insulation regime”.

He himself read the bill without a medical mask. Some of his colleagues was outraged, but Speaker Alexei Shaposhnikov stressed that the stand was 1.5 meters from the colleagues in the hall, that is, the presence recommended by doctors.

Further numerous questions applied to the draft law. So, the communist Pavel Tarasov asked why the emergency is needed. Mr. Shields replied that this rule, rather, “Sleeping”, because Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced freedom of use of personal transport. However, the need for removal and disinfection of the car may arise if a person who is at home treatment with Coronavirus will decide to go somewhere on his car and in danger of the health of other citizens. Communist Oleg Sheremetyev asked what the need for the adoption of the Moscow law, if the on the eve of similar amendments to the federal CACAP.

Moscow City Duma introduced fines in the metropolitan coap for violation ..

As the Federal Assembly adopted a package of documents aimed at combating the distribution of COVID-19

Recall, according to the amendments to the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, the fines for individuals for the violation of quarantine will be from 1 thousand. up to 30 thousand. rub., With a repeated violation – from 15 to 50 thousand. rub. Penalties for violation of sanitary prescriptions will be from 15 to 40 thousand. rub. for citizens; For officials – from 50 thousand. rub. up to 150 thousand. rub.; For Yurlitz – from 200 thousand. up to 500 thousand. rub. If violations caused harm to the health or death of a person, penalties for citizens will be from 150 thousand. up to 300 thousand. rub. The relevant amendments to the Criminal Code are made: so, a violation of quarantine, which caused a person’s death or created the threat of mass infection, will be punished with a fine of 1 million to 2 million rubles. or imprisonment for up to five years.

Mr. Shields replied that the norms adopted in Moscow should become a “impulse” for the city government to raise all the necessary explanatory clarifications. Later, the question “”, which code will still be applied to the violators of the rules in Moscow, the federal or metropolitan, Cyril Shields explained that it is a regional law: increased preparedness measures in the capital, introduced by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, will be administered to city COAP.

At the federal level, the COAMA of the Russian Federation will apply when the federal rules on the regime of high readiness for the territory of the country will appear.

In turn, the head of the MHD Commission on legislation, regulations, rules and procedures, Alexander Semennikov, said that in high readiness, as well as in emergency mode, federal, and regional norms will act. According to him, 80-85% of Muscovites “responsibly observe the regime of self-insulation” and to get under the penalty may not more than 10-15% of citizens. According to him, if the region goes beyond its powers, the Prosecutor General’s Office will be able to demand the Review of Regional Law.

How will the COAP of Moscow change to combat coronavirus

The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Gosstroitelse Vyacheslav Lysakov is just convinced that Moscow went beyond its powers: “Regional law can clarify the norms of federal legislation, and here in essence are created new”. So, for example, “complete Chushye” Vyacheslav Lysakov called the adopted norm about the detention (evacuation) of the car in violation by citizens of self-insulation regime. According to him, in st. 27.13 COAP of Russia is a comprehensive list of cases when evacuation is used, and no region has the right to go beyond his framework, deputy noted. Moscow City Duma is not the first time goes beyond the limits of his authority, Vyacheslav Lysakov recalled. A few years ago, the metropolitan deputies adopted the law, according to which for violations of traffic rules, recorded on the camera, could be attracted not only to the car owner, but also an official (if the car belongs to, for example, enterprise). In 2015, Mr. Lysakov sent a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the supervisory department sent protest to Moscow City Court, and the law was canceled.

Moscow City Duma introduced fines in the metropolitan coap for violation ..
Moscow City Duma introduced fines in the metropolitan coap for violation ..

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