NPF “Opening” sold shares of the insurer through the “Rosgosstrakh” Stock…

NPF “Opening” sold shares of the insurer through the “Rosgosstrakh” Stock…

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NPF “Opening” sold the shares of the insurer through the Rosgosstrakh Exchange, filled the Glass “Opening” belongs to the “FC Opening” bank, which, together with its “daughters”, owns 89% of Rosgosstrakh shares. Another 7.1% of the insurance company is located at the Bank “Trust”, on the basis of which the regulator creates a fund of non-core and problem assets. Both credit organizations belong to the Central Bank, thus, more than 96% of the SK is indirectly controlled by the Bank of Russia. The only major minority of the insurer is the NPF “Future”, before which the “FC Opening” has an obligation to redeem shares (see. “” dated June 21).

Information about the buyer or buyers 11.7% of the insurer does not yet. However, experts point out that with a large probability of the action sold through the Moscow Exchange (11.78% belongs to the Central Bank), did not leave the Bank of Russia. “If we assume that this is the final cleaning of NPF assets, then most likely that the company’s shares remained inside the group and left either "Trust", either on structures "FC discovery"”Says Pavel Mitrofanov Managing Director” Expert RA “. In his opinion, this is the continuation of the help provided by the bank owned by the regulator, its NPF. “With this purchase, the amount is already committed to 150 billion rubles. (cm. “Kommersant dated July 2, 2018),” he evaluates. In both credit organizations, refused to answer the question whether they were or their structure by buyers of such a package “Rosgosstrakh”. In the NPF “Opening” on Friday did not respond to the request “”.

Unlike the random and the price at which the transactions with the share of the insurance company took place at the end of the year. Their cost was 14 cop., And it is at this cost, according to the appraiser’s report, as well as the reporting of the Foundation for the third quarter, these securities were on the Balance of NPF “Opening”. At the same time, for the fourth quarter, the stock price of Rosgosstrakh shares decreased more than twice, from 36 to 16 kopecks. “The sale of shares in the book value is likely to result in the formation of profits and, accordingly, taxation. This can be taken into account by sellers when committing such transactions, “said Andrei Grachev, head of tax practice Eversheds SUTHERLAND. “Questions about the transaction could arise from the tax inspection, if it considered that the price of the transaction was not a market, and she would detach the tax on the basis of the market price,” the manager of Lecap Dmitry Kruzhev believes.

It will be necessary to investigate the possible use of insider information. We treat these issues very sensitive

Wholesale sales of Rosgosstrakh shares from the Balance of NPF “Opening” may continue in the future, since they do not enter into the first quotation list, nor into the index of the Moscow Exchange, and therefore do not comply with the standards for posting pension savings. “The Central Bank issued Foundations with the WEK Papers, the prescriptions of the need to get rid of them,” said the top manager of one of the management companies, but he is unknown the date to which the NPF “Opening” should get rid of papers. According to the current standards of investing retirement savings, the NPF transactions will also be forced through organized trading. True, previously similar major transactions with promsions of Promsvyazbank (PSB), committed by the Future Foundations, Safarmar and Trust on the eve of the PSB sanation, caused regulator issues. The Central Bank did not answer “”, whether there are questions to the transactions perfect on December 27, 2018 with the shares of “Rosgosstrakh”. “The question of claims to such transactions is associated with the degree of dedication and reputation of counterparties that are carried out,” Mr. Mitrofanov notes.

The largest stock exchange transactions with the assets of pension funds

NPF 'Opening' sold the shares of the insurer through the 'Rosgosstrakh' stock ..
Date Object Transaction / Transactions (Promotions) Transaction / Transactions (billion rubles.) Seller beneficiary consequences
August 2017 “FC Opening” 39.5 NPF RGS, NPF electric power industry, LUKOIL-Garant Bank Trust”
August – October 2017 ICD 6.7 NPF RGS, “Trust”, “Safar” N. D.
December 14, 2017 Promsvyazbank 16.5 NPF “Future”, “Trust”, “Safar” Promsvyazbank Promsvyazbank challenges the transactions
July 17, 2018 “Safar Financial Investments” 1,4 NPF RGS, NPF electric power industry, LUKOIL-Garant Bank Trust”
December 27, 2018 Rosgosstrakh 8.0 NPF “LUKOIL-GARANT” Bank “Trust” / “FC Opening”

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NPF 'Opening' sold the shares of the insurer through the 'Rosgosstrakh' stock ..
NPF 'Opening' sold the shares of the insurer through the 'Rosgosstrakh' stock ..

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