Office will receive data on alcoholics and drug addicts…

Office will receive data on alcoholics and drug addicts…

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The agency will receive data on alcoholics and drug addicts from public and private clinical kolindd begins the war with the left medals. Starting, we will remind, when receiving a driver’s license, a citizen is obliged to undergo a medical commission (examination of the psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, narcologist and other doctors) and submit a medical certificate to the traffic police. To driving. Help This paid, prices for it vary from 1 thousand. up to 5 thousand. rub. A similar document must be present in the event that a citizen returns rights after deprivation for drunk riding (recently the procedure for returning the certificate was changed, “Kommersant reported).

At the same time, they are explained in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there is no information interaction between the Ministry of Health and the police: if the citizen has identified medical contraindications (for example, alcoholism or drug addiction) after he received the right, the traffic police know nothing about it, and the driver continues to calmly Ride on roads. Periodically, such drivers reveals the prosecutor’s office: in 2017, the metropolitan prosecutors in manual mode were found and several hundred of citizens standing in various dispensaries were deprived of rights through the courts. “Cases of death of citizens are constantly recorded as a result of a sharp deterioration in their health in the process of managing the vehicle,” they say in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Drivers can make alcohol test

To solve the traffic police, it proposes to make data on issued medical conclusions and surveys (both in public and private clinics) to the federal information system, which will be created and will contain the Ministry of Health. What specific data will be submitted to it, we will write in a separate government decree. Information from the new base on the presence or absence of contraindications in citizens to driving will be submitted at the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the interdepartmental electronic interaction system. The Law “On Road Safety” will also introduce a new article that the presence of the driver of diseases (states), which are medical contraindications to management will be the basis for suspension of rights. The order of this procedure will also be pressed in a separate decree of the government.

Amendments to the COAMA are invited to establish punishment for doctors and driver’s commissions. For failure to provide data into the federal information system, a fine for officials (health workers) will be up to 50 thousand. rub., For Yurlitz – up to 100 thousand. rub. If the driver has revealed contraindications, it was transferred to the database that the citizen has no health problems, the fine for an official will be up to 200 thousand. rub., For Yurlitz – up to 600 thousand. rub. or administrative suspension of activities up to 90 days. If the driver was issued by a medals about the absence of problems, although in reality he has medical contraindications to driving, and a fine of up to 600 thousand can be applied against Jurlitz. rub. or administrative suspension of activities up to 90 days.

The amendments proposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs also tighten the rules for foreigners working or living in the territory of the Russian Federation. The police are offered to introduce a norm according to which foreign and international rights enjoyed by foreigners permanently residing in the Russian Federation are recognized by invalid on the territory of Russia after half a year “from the date of receipt of a document confirming the right to permanent residence in the Russian Federation” or from the date of entry into Country.

The agency will receive data on alcoholics and drug addicts ..

The number of road accidents occurring due to the fault of drunk drivers can grow

The traffic police no longer the first year insists that medical organizations are transferred to the police data on patients who can not get driving. Instructions to establish the exchange of information President gave back in 2009. In March 2017, as reported by “”, the representative of the traffic police of Russia Sergey Fomochkin said that “the database was not created, we have not yet found an understanding with the Ministry of Health, how to do it”. In the Ministry of Health, he told, fear that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will receive access to the personal data of citizens. “But we don’t need a diagnosis, we are ready to receive an answer in automatic mode – there are contraindications for driving or not,” Mr. Fomochn explained. “” sent a request to the Ministry of Health of Russia about this draft law, but did not receive an operational answer yet.

The President of the Patient Protection League Alexander Sabersky said that the idea of ​​traffic police “is correct and understandable”, but it will be extremely difficult to implement it. “The Ministry of Health still does not have a single information system, even with the stories of the disease, so he to give to traffic cops, in fact, nothing – he said.- A significant part of the health care system is still not computerized, for this you need to carry out a large-scale work. In the country more than 4 thousand. major institutions, not counting paramedic obstetric items. They will need to provide computers, to establish an interface and access to the database, teach to use “.

Another problem, I added Mr. Saba, in the current version of the law “On the basis of the health of citizens’ health: the fact of the appeal of a citizen in a medical unit is a medical secret, which can only be disclosed with the permission of the citizen himself or upon request of the investigator. “Private clinics will certainly say that under the contract no information is obliged to transfer anyone, since privacy is laid in the Constitution, – Alexander Sabersky suggested.- And if the Ministry of Internal Affairs will raise this question to the level of the COP, then it will be interesting which position will take the court. He will have to say that it is more important – traffic safety or private life “.

The agency will receive data on alcoholics and drug addicts ..
The agency will receive data on alcoholics and drug addicts ..

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