Once under arrest, Maxim Blazhko found a way…

Once under arrest, Maxim Blazhko found a way…

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Once under arrest, Maxim Blazhko found a way to pay “Pike” floated for Dolgikak follows from the fabul of the case, in 2011, headed by Maxim Blazhko CJSC “Pischka” took a loan in the amount of $ 275 million from Sberbank. According to the terms of the contract, the borrower must quickly provide the creditor to accounting reporting and transfer to his account 80% of payments on all lease agreements of the Pike TRK.

Controlled Maxim Blazhko “Nordstar Tower” recognized bankrupt

However, according to the SCR GSU, in October 2015, Mr. Blazhko instructed its employees to stop paying Sberbank. Instead, supposedly at his order, the money from the delivery of premises PKK “Pike” began to go to the accounts of CJSC “Piska”, open in other credit institutions. In December 2015, Sberbank reserved the right to demand demand for the Cypriot Offshore RiverStretch Trading & Investments Ltd, which acts alleged in the interests of Rosneft.

In the actions of Maxim Blazho, a consequence of “abuse of authority, contrary to the legitimate interests of the Organization headed by them, in order to extract benefits and benefits for themselves and harming the rights and legitimate interests of RiverStretch Trading & INVESTMENTS LTD ». The latter, according to the estimates of the investigation, was damage to at least $ 299 million, or 17.4 billion rubles.

To establish a suspect, employees of the FSB, carrying out operational support in this case, it took only four days. Last Tuesday, the founder of Don-Building and the general director CJSC “Pischka” Maxim Blazhko called for the first time to question the technical alley, where the central office of the SCR, after which they immediately detained.

As in relation to the company Maxim Blazhko introduced observation

On October 26, the investigator appealed to the Basmannaya Riced with the petition for the conclusion of Maxim Blazhko under house arrest. During the court session, the representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office objected to such a preventive measure, stating that this is a matter of civil and legal relations. Nevertheless, the court arose to the consequence, sending Maxim Blazhko under house arrest for two months, which he departs in his Moscow apartment. The court banned him without the written permission of the investigator to leave the place of residence, receive and send correspondence, use the means of communication and the Internet, with the exception of the emergency call. To control the movements of Maxim Blazhko, FSIN employees put an electronic bracelet on it.

Once upon arrest, Maxim Blazhko found a way ..

Presents the interests of Mr. Blazhko Senior Partner of the Board of Lawyers “Yukov and Partners” Mikhail Voronin said “K”, that, as well as the prosecutor, does not see the grounds for the criminal prosecution of his client. “There was a civil disposition of the debt amount and the order of its repayment. Moreover, he is already settled, and the applicant recalled a civil lawsuit filed within the criminal case, “said Mr. Voronin. According to him, after the arrest of the prosthet side, the agreement was signed, according to which the building of the TRC “Pike” was transferred to the property as an explicit lender (total area of ​​100 thousand. kv. m). It should be noted that in 2009 and 2013, Mr. Blazhko tried to sell Schuk TRK for $ 344 million and $ 450 million, respectively, but did not find buyers.

In Trad information about the world “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” confirmed by adding that RiverStretch Trading & Investments Ltd recognized that she has no complaints about Mr. Promptly get comments in the offshore company and “Rosneft” “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” failed.

With Maxim Blazhko require almost 1.7 billion rubles.

As already told “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com”, the conflict between the structures of Rosneft and Maxim Blazhko arose a few months before Cypriots bought duty at Sberbank. His essence came down to the fact that the company TNK-BP, Rosneft daughter, rented 37.7 thousand. kv. m in Mr. Blazhko’s Nordstar Tower business center on a running street in Moscow, tried to achieve changes to the lease conditions. The fact is that the contract between the parties was concluded in dollars, and the calculations were carried out in rubles. However, in 2015, due to the sharp drop in the ruble exchange rate, the rental price increased almost twice – Square in Nordstar Tower at that time was almost the most expensive in Moscow. Attempts by oil workers to achieve a decline in rent and transfer settlements to rugs success then did not crowned.

It should be noted that today one of the founders of the Developing Group “Don-Stroy” Maxim Blazhko, in addition to the debt of the Pike “Pike” and the Nordstar Tower business center (147.8 thousand. kv.  m), trying to build a multifunctional complex on the Zvenigorodskoe highway, under which a loan in the amount of 5 billion rubles was taken to the Russian Capital Bank., and the complex of residential skyscrapers of the premium class “Non-passful Home & SPA “in the 5th Don Travel. On his implementation loan was taken from VEB. Debt to the bank is 5.59 billion rubles. The total debt of the companies of Mr. Blazhko is about 60 billion rubles., And all its assets are pledged with lenders.

Once upon arrest, Maxim Blazhko found a way ..

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