Poisoned nervously paralytic woman…

Poisoned nervously paralytic woman…

Woman Belly Stab while Paralyzed with Needle Death Scene

A woman who, poisoned neuro-paralytic substance, died in the UK “Novice” led to a lethal outcome of44-year-old Don Starzes and 45-year-old Charles Rowley on June 30, poisoned by an unknown substance in the city of Eymsbury. On the same day, they were taken to the hospital in the neighboring town of Salisbury, where the ex-colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were poisoned in March. Then the British authorities stated that the seven of the scripts were poisoned by a neurosuric substance “Novice”. In the attempted murder accused Russia, in connection with which 23 Russian diplomats were sent from Britain. Another 34 states in solidarity with London were sent from their countries from one to 60 diplomats. Moscow, in turn, denies the guilt and insists that London did not provide any evidence of the “Russian Trail”. On the expulsion of diplomats, she answered with mirror measures.

What you need to know about the poisoning of the scripts

As the anti-terrorism department of Scotland Yard, people in Amesbury, as well as the squeaky family, poisoned the “newcomer”. To such conclusions, a laboratory has come in the city of Porton-Down, where the samples of the substances that Sergey Skripal poisoned and his daughter were analyzed. At the same time, Scotland Yard suggests that a couple in Amesbury picked up a certain item on the street, through which the dose of substance received.

The friend of the deceased Don Sturges told RIA Novosti that the last time saw them “on Friday evening in the bus that was heading from Salisbury to Amesbury”. He claims that the man and the woman “looked good”, and Charles Rowley “seemed a little drank” and “was under the influence of something,” because “often used heroin and cocaine”. He also told the agency that the woman was first poisoned. “She had cramps, foam was made of mouth. Charlie tried to bring her to feeling, made her cardiovascular resuscitation, and eventually infected himself. Both had foam from mouth, pupils narrowed so that they were almost no visible. They spoke incoherent things. I told me about my friend Sam, who saw them on that day, “the agency’s interlocutor shared memories.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain Sadzhid Javid said that the pair of victim in Aimsbury did not attend places related to the squeak family.

Despite the fact that the couple came from Salisbury and, according to the laboratory in Porton-Down, poisoned by the same substance as Sergey and Julia, now the United Kingdom is in no hurry to blame anyone in involvement in what happened and first wants to carefully investigate the case.

Why “Novice” is not included in the list of chemical weapons

At the same time, the representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Britain told RIA Novosti that the British authorities did not appeal for help in the investigation. “We cannot check how true the analyzing agents made by the British side are assessed as far as the parallels from Salisbury are justified,” the agency’s interlocutor indicated. Soon after the incident in Amesbury about the readiness for cooperation, Russian senators and representative of Russia were stated in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). However, according to them, the British authorities refused to help and investigate themselves.

On Sunday, Amemsbury visited the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sadzhid Javid. There he met with the leadership of the police and local residents. He also drove in Salisbury and held a meeting there with entrepreneurs, whose business suffered because of the “Crimp Business”. During the trip, journalists asked the Minister whether the United Kingdom would introduce new restrictive measures against Russia in connection with new poisoning. Mr. Javid replied that “at the moment there are no such plans”. “We should not hurry with conclusions,” he said.

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A few days before that, during the presentation in the British Parliament, Mr. Javid explained that the decision on measures against the culprit of the crime will be taking “as the new information arrives,” but added:

“If it turns out that the Russian state is completely responsible for this (as well as for "Skrying case".- “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com”), then we, of course, consider measures that we can accept “.

POSTRDRED RF, when organizing on the prohibition of chemical weapons, Alexander Shulgin called the words of the British Minister “Announced Accunds”, and the incident in Amesbury – provocation. “Similar stories have recently arise on the eve of important events. Now the final stage of the 2018 World Cup and Summit of Russia and the United States in Helsinki is coming. It is difficult to get rid of the idea that all this was planned and deliberately injected to inflict the international situation and damage to the authority of Russia and its relations with other countries, “said Mr. Shulgin in an interview with the newspaper Izvestia.

Russian President of Russia Dmitry Sands, however, said that he did not know the statements of Russian postprared at the OPCR and did not hear that someone “mentioned Russia to Russia” against the background of the incident. “We believe that in any case it would be quite absurd,” said Mr. Peskov.

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