Re-enter the tight restrictions on the power not yet planned…

Re-enter the tight restrictions on the power not yet planned…

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Again, to introduce severe constraints of the authorities yet, not yet planned by elected, the number of cases identified cases of coronavirus disease is growing throughout the country. So, last Monday, September 21, in Russia 6196 new cases were identified (of which 915 – in Moscow), and in a week, September 28, already 8135 (from them in Moscow 2217). At the same time, according to the overall to combat the proliferation of coronavirus, the incidence in Moscow was three times lower than at Pandemic Peak on May 7, when 6703 new cases of COVID-19 were registered.

From Monday, there are new restrictive measures in Moscow, but as long as they are advisory in nature: citizens older than 65 years and individuals with chronic diseases are proposed to begin to observe home self-insulation regime. Also on two weeks vacation from October 5 to October 18, Moscow schools were sent in connection with the growth of new cases of coronavirus infection. Usually school holidays last one week. Kindergartens during this period will work on the usual schedule.

The signal that repeated hard quarantine is undesirable, on September 24 at a meeting with elected governors, President Vladimir Putin filed.

According to him, the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Russia is better than in other countries, but it may worsen if “relax”: “I would not want to return to the restrictive measures that we introduced in the spring of this year.”. The source “”, close to the federal government, said that repeated quarantine in the White House also consider an undesirable prospect.

The source of “” in the administration of the President (AP) considers the extreme measure, for example, if 10 thousand will be detected in major cities. infected in a day.

So far, according to him, the authorities believe that their main task is to force people to observe the sanitary and epidemiological rules on the wearing masks and gloves, since after a summer decline in the incidence of this.

The words of sources close to the federal authorities are confirmed in the Moscow City Hall. The source “”, close to the metropolitan government, said that the introduction of tough restrictions is the extreme measure that will be used in the most negative development of the situation. “Now all city systems, including the health system, are ready for an increase in incidence of coronavirus: there is an exhaustive experience of peak loads in spring, the city is fully secured by the means of individual protection, reserve beds are deployed, including temporary hospitals and additional hospitals of the hospitals from lighted-wide designs. All of them are fully equipped with equipment and staff, “says the interlocutor” Kommersant “. According to him, the authorities clearly understand how to act: “So far, the inspections of wearing masks in public places will be strengthened and in transport. Moreover, control is intensified not only by stores and cafes, but also for cultural objects. “.

Decrees of self-insulation will be tested for constitutionality

“Yes, the growth of identified cases is large, but you should not forget that testing has increased, including in private laboratories (according to Rospotrebnadzor, in Moscow, in Moscow, 6.7 thousand was held in Moscow. Tests per 100 thousand. population, on September 23 – 63.4 thousand. per 100 thousand. Population.- “”). In addition, all those who arrived from vacations are under control and are tested. So while there are no prerequisites for hard measures, but I must comply with the recommendations, “added the interlocutor” Kommersant “in the city hall.

Again to introduce hard restrictions on the power not yet planned ..

The fact that the main thing is to force citizens massively wearing masks and gloves, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said in an interview with Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda. According to her, the increase in morbidity will be until then, “while we all start walking as follows: in masks and gloves where it is necessary”.

However, another source of “”, close to the metropolitan mayoriety, argues that the introduction of some new restrictions is possible this week, as the growth of morbidity still exceeded the expectations of the Moscow Government.

The source “K”, close to the AP, argues that no one wants to go for a full quarantine, and because he can negatively affect the results of the authorities in the upcoming Duma elections, because citizens are well understood which economic consequences entails re-introducing hard quarantine.

Medikov trade union because of Coronavirus could not coordinate the action related to the work in an epidemic

Political analyst Vladimir Shemyakin, on the contrary, believes that for the authorities, it is ideally to hold elections either during the epidemic, or immediately after it. According to him, on the vote on the amendments to the Constitution and the regional election, the tight quarantine has played power only in Plus.

The expert believes that the government is ideally not to bring the situation before the introduction of hard quarantine, but to demonstrate that there is a threat, and she keeps her under control.

Political analyst Viktor Prowaremsky believes that it is still difficult to predict exactly how the growth of the incidence of COVID-19 or repeated quarantine will affect the Duma elections: “While the epidemic is depoliticized the agenda, because during the fight against the virus people were not prior to politics. But at the Duma elections, the evaluation of the voters of the effectiveness of measures to combat coronavirus, most likely will affect the ratings of power. Not the fact that it creates some opportunities for the opposition. While the opinion is dominated that the government is coping with and the situation in Russia is stable and even better than in other countries. However, citizens are most worried about economic and domestic fears: what will happen to the formation of children, with rest, with quality of life “.

Again to introduce hard restrictions on the power not yet planned ..

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