Representatives of power accused the oppositionist in collaboration…

Representatives of power accused the oppositionist in collaboration…

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Representatives of the authorities accused the oppositionist in collaboration with the CRAVALEKSYE Navalny plant to change the interview, whose fragments were published in the morning on Thursday, became the first one that Mr. Navalny, who was in a coma from August 20 to September 7, gave after hospitalization. Recall, the policy has become bad in the plane on the way to Moscow from Tomsk, where he together with the team was engaged in another investigation. He was hospitalized in Omsk, where the aircraft was set aside, and then I was transferred to the Berlin clinic “Sharite”. FRG authorities stated that Mr. Navalny poisoned poison from the Novice group. Russian authorities version about poisoning refute, referring to the diagnosis of Omsk doctors “Violation of metabolism”.

Two weeks in a coma

What is known about the state of Alexei Navalny, his probable causes and consequences

The first to state the opposition responded to the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. He stated that Alexey Navalny – “Shamelessnnik and Scounds”, whom “everything sincerely saved – from pilots and doctors to the president”. The speaker reminded that the German authorities do not want to create a joint workgroup with the State Duma to figure out what happened, and do not provide Russia research results, despite repeated appeals.

According to Mr. Volodin, this situation is staged by the countries of the West, “to create tension in Russia and not allow to protect the sovereignty of Belarus”, and Mr. Navalny himself “is quite obviously working with the special services and authorities of the Western countries.”.

Later, the information about the special services specified by the press secretary of the President Dmitry Sandkov. He stated to journalists that, according to the information available at the Kremlin, specialists from the US CIA work with Alexey and “give him different instructions”, and “not the first time”. Information about this, according to Mr. Peskov, “leaning” not only in Russia, but also in Germany. He called the presidential charges “absolutely unfounded, unacceptable, offensive and unacceptable” and stressed that the oppositionist “wants to put himself on one level with the first person of the state,” but it is not his real competitor in political struggle.

To the question, whether Mr. Mr. Navalny return to Russia, Dmitry Sadov did not answer, because I decided to “no longer comment on this topic,” but earlier I noted in the same conversation that “any citizen of Russia may return home at any time” and ” No heroism is not here. “.

Alexey Navalny in response wrote in his blog, which gives Mr. Peskov to court and demands from him “publish evidence and facts pointing to work with the CIA specialists”. The attorney of the oppositionist Vyacheslav Gimadi said that the lawsuit was already preparing – it will be submitted to the Presnensky District Republic of Moscow. He noted that “in this process, the representative of the President will have to prove the information common”, since “according to the law, such a responsibility lies on the defendant”.

The head of regional headquarters, Alexei Navalny Leonid Volkov, told “”, that the distribution of information about the opposition as an agent of the CIA will not affect the work of his supporters: “They can make the criminal, but this is nothing compared to the fact that (oppositionists.- “”) can poison "Newcomer"”.

Representatives of power accused the oppositionist in cooperation ..

According to the companions of Mr. Navalny, they plan to continue the current activities, which will mainly be associated with the upcoming elections in the State Duma in 2021.

Emphasis will be made to promote the “smart voting” system created to support the highest opposition candidates for which the regional elections became. True, to implement these plans, oppositionists need considerable money – for example, they spent more than 22 million rubles for autumn elections. The situation is complicated by the lost colleagues Alexey Navalny lawsuits for tens of millions of rubles, and most of these decisions have already been transferred to the bailiff.

Political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov believes that the government sends Alexei Navalny numerous signals that he does not want to see it in Russia, but to predict whether a criminal case for the state impression will be held for him. Political analyst Alexander Rajlag agreed that the authorities “in every way prevent” the return of Mr. Navalny and, in case of his arrival in Russia, “at least the court decisions will limit the area of ​​his stay only by Moscow,” because “how "Politician Garden Ring" He is in a long-term scale is displaced.

Observer “” Sergey Strokan – about what role in the confrontation of Russia and the West can play Navalny

Political analyst Evgeny Minkchenko is also confident that the return of the oppositionist practically guarantees him a “inevitable real term” at least two criminal articles – for treason and slander. In addition, the level of risk of cooperation with Alexey Navalny increases, an expert believes: “One thing, when you help the opposition blog, another – when the foreign intelligence agent. This will quickly lead to the radicalization of his supporters “.

According to Oleg Matvechev’s political scientist, Mr. Navalny, in any case, is waiting for a criminal case about slander on a veteran: “He has a third criminal case. Theoretically and by law, if a person with two conditional terms is held again in a criminal case, he must give a real term “. At the same time, the expert does not believe that the Oppositionist may make it possible to make a case about the state inspection, since he has “there is no job responsibilities related to admission to secret materials”. Mr. Matvechev also believes that if Alexey Navalny does not return to Russia after the end of treatment, he will no longer be able to return in principle, because at the moment it is under a subscription about the poor.

Representatives of power accused the oppositionist in cooperation ..

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