Rospotrebnadzor explained whether teachers can be dismissal…

Rospotrebnadzor explained whether teachers can be dismissal…

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Rospotrebnadzor explained whether the teachers can be dismissed for the refusal to vaccinate the importation of the nonsense of “” assumed that for a significant part of Russians, vaccination could actually become mandatory at the end of December last year, when the vaccination from coronavirus was introduced into the national calendar of preventive vaccinations on epidemic testimony. Lawyers called “Kommersant,” drew attention to the contradiction in the legislation: on the one hand, according to the law, the vaccination procedure in the country is voluntary, on the other – the rejection of the vaccination may entail a temporary refusal of employment or the removal of citizens from work, the implementation of which is connected High risk to infect infectious diseases.
The list of such professions approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №825. In it, in particular, includes teachers, doctors and social workers.

Since then, in a number of regions, people of these professions do report compulsory vaccination. So, Buryat teachers from the Baikal College of Tourism and Service complained to coercion. And even after the intervention of the Ombudsman, the management of the educational institution continued to insist that “there will be no admission to work without the vaccination”. Earlier in Novokuznetsk, the authorities ordered to organize a mandatory vaccination for teachers, explaining that “in accordance with the calendar of preventive vaccinations, employees of educational organizations relate to the priority of the first level”. The closed community “Doctors of the Russian Federation” conducted a survey among more than 2 thousand. specialists, and every seventh respondent said that the vaccination “satellite V” in his medical institution is forced. In addition to physicians and teachers to the priority of the first level, according to the updated vaccination calendar, the Ministry of Health counted the employees of social services and the MFC. And in February, people over 60 years old and residents of cities from 1 million people were included in this list.

Thus, the medical department made it clear that in vaccination from coronavirus in priority, it is hardly not most of the population of the Russian Federation.

Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Trade Union of Education Tatyana Kupriyanov, commenting on “” request to Mintrost, clarified that both teachers and in general the population of Russia have “certain fear” vaccinated. Mrs. Kuryovanov says that there are regions where they ran from 60% to 80% of teachers, and there, according to her, to the need to hurt “refer to understanding”. In the regions where the epidemiological situation is more favorable, the teachers are actively protesting, “since they did not feel that it was in severe”. “We fully support the state policy in vaccination issues, because it is necessary to preserve the gene pool, the country’s economy and take care of the population,” Tatyana Kuprisanova said.- From our point of view, careful explanatory work is needed, which would help to get rid of contrived unnecessary fears that are not related to the possible consequences of vaccinations “.

In the forefront, the initiative could not comment on the initiative, and in the Mintruda “” recommended to contact the profile Rospotrebnadzor.

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“Currently, legal grounds for removing work due to the refusal to vaccinate against the new coronavirus infection are not available,” they answered in the sanitary department, and also clarified that in the threat of the occurrence and distribution of infectious diseases, which are dangerous to others, the main state-owned Sanitary doctors of the subjects of Russia and their deputies are endowed with the authority to “make motivated orders to conduct preventive vaccinations to citizens or individual groups of citizens in epidemic testimony”.

Rospotrebnadzor explained whether teachers can be dismissing ..

“Only in the presence of such resolutions, the rejection of vaccination on epidemic testimony may lead to the removal from work,” “K” said in Rospotrebnadzor.- Currently, such decrees were not accepted. “.

“Vaccination in the Russian Federation is currently voluntary for all categories of citizens, including employees of educational organizations,” emphasized in the department. Thus, clarifications relate to all categories of citizens attributed by the Government Resolution No. 825 to the so-called priority of the first level, doctors, social workers, pensioners and people living in the cities of million painters.

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However, the medical lawyer Polina Gabai believes that the clarification of the sanitary department does not remove legal contradictions. Vaccination in accordance with the law “On the Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases”, it resembles, is voluntary, but de facto obligatory for some categories of persons does the provisions of the same law, providing that the absence of vaccinations entails the refusal to receive citizens to work or the removal of citizens from work, the execution of which is associated with the high risk of infectious diseases. The list of these professions approved by the Government Decree and includes health workers and educational institutions. “Resolutions of the main state sanitary doctors on the territory of a particular entity really regulate vaccination for educational organizations, but this concerns not teachers, but students. For students, vaccination is mandatory only if the risk of the disease is determined by a state sanitary doctor. However, the issue of teacher vaccination is regulated by the Government Decree, “says Mrs. Gabuba.

Rospotrebnadzor explained whether teachers can be dismissing ..
Rospotrebnadzor explained whether teachers can be dismissing ..

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