Russia waited for his coronavirus, where…

Russia waited for his coronavirus, where…

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Russia waited for his coronaulus, where you are carrying

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that two cases of coronavirus of a new type 2019-NCOV were identified and laboratory confirmed in Russia. The infection has been identified in citizens of the PRC who arrived from China. Experts call this event “long expected”, noting that the lack of news about coronavirus in Russia would talk about bad barrier protection and insufficient sanitary monitoring. They urge to wait one and a half weeks to appreciate whether the peak of morbidity passed.

Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the headquarters for the prevention of the delivery and dissemination of a new infection in Russia Tatyana Golikova yesterday reported that Coronavirus arrived in the territory of the Russian Federation. “The services of Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation revealed two patients with a new coronavirus infection – in the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Tyumen region,” said Mrs. Golikova.- They are under tough observation, isolated, they are needed by the necessary help. “. Both sick – citizens of China.

Rospotrebnadzor explained that the diseases were identified “as a result of monitoring monitoring for persons who arrived from the territory of the PRC”: “The diseases were confirmed by laboratory research in the State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" Rospotrebnadzor. In the federal service, they assured that coronavirus patients from the first day of stay in the Russian Federation “are in bauxated departments of infectious hospitals, faces from close contact are also hospitalized”: “All other possible contact persons are under medical supervision”.
The agency noted that “diseases occur in a light clinical form, on January 31, a satisfactory condition, no complaints”.

Recall, according to the last summary of Rospotrebnadzor (according to 20:00 on January 30), published in the morning on Friday, in China, 9720 confirmed cases caused by a new coronavirus infection were registered, the growth of 25.6% (1984 cases). Data provided with reference to the State Commission of Health PRC. “Most cases of the disease occurs in a light form, about 15.7% (1527) – in severe, – the report says.- mortality is 2.2% (213 cases) “. 102 cases of new coronaivirus existence in 19 countries (Australia, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, USA, France, Sri Lanka, Japan, Philippines, India, Italy, Finland, UAE).

What measures does the Russian Government take to fight coronavirus

Rospotrebnadzor recalled that “Additional measures were taken to strengthen the sanitary-quarantine control in the checkpoints through the State Government of the Russian Federation”: “A strengthened double control of those who arrived from disadvantaged regions of persons using fixed and portable thermal imaging equipment”. Recall, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishoustin ordered the closure of the border of Russia in the Far East as one of the measures to non-proliferation of the disease. From February 1, Russia closes flight with China, excluding Aeroflot flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

“The sentence could not be,” said State Duma deputy, Ex-Head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko, said “Kommersant.- I just bothered the other thing – that it is still not, because it would mean that we don’t work something “.

Russia waited for his coronaulus, where ..

“Close connections with representatives of China, which we have, especially in those regions where cases are registered, they simply excluded the possibility that there were no sick, – Mr. Onishchenko added.- We are a country with more than 2 thousand. kilometers border with China ». He called, however, “not roll up panic and hysterics”: “This is an unpleasant, but the inevitable situation. And this is a signal for each of the Russian citizens about the fact that it is no longer just to remember about the precautions in the air-drip infection, which he was spoken over for almost two months and in general, and they are already executed, especially since in Transbaikal The edge, and in the Tyumen region there is an increase in incidence of influenza “. Gennady Onishchenko noted that “all data on a new type of virus says that it is much less contagious (contagious.- “”) than ordinary flu “:

“This is a good sign. And among the severe acute respiratory infection caused by Coronavirus 2019-NCOV, only 25% – these are severe cases. The rest go like lungs and moderate severity, that is, as ordinary flu “.

The expert also pointed out that 204 fatal outcomes from 213 “occurred in the Chinese province of Hubei (only 6.1 thousand. Cases of the disease.- “”), the rest of China is nine cases “:” At the same time, only a few patients were less than 65 years old and all deceased aerated history – oncology, endocrine and cardiovascular diseases “. He also called on to post for “these two cases” in Russia: “If they are revealed at an early stage of the disease, there will be no dissemination”. “At the same time, other cases of conjunction and detection are inevitable,” the Mr. Onishchenko stated.

Why the government forbade to fly to China all except Aeroflot

“The main thing is that these cases have been identified, – agreed by the head physician of the medical center "Leader-medicine" Infectious player Evgeny Timakov.- This suggests that anti-epidemic events we pass as expected, competently: the diseases are isolated, isolated and contacting them people. Accordingly, the dangers for the population of these people do not imagine “. The expert also encouraged to “wait a half weeks”: “It is necessary to see how the peak infection will go further. If the hearth in China is stabilized, and the incubation period by this time will be held almost all of all hospitalized, and also if there are no such high growth rates, it will mean that the epidemic has stabilized “.

Russia waited for his coronaulus, where ..

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