SCC suggests allowing self-injected walking…

SCC suggests allowing self-injected walking…

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SPC suggests allowing self-injected walking on May holidays potatoes and a bicycle troops, according to “”, Introduction in Moscow “Green Pass” for Morning Jogging and Bicycle Rocks, Lobbies a member of the SCC Ivan Vaszhsky. The pass is invited to try in the capital and extend the practice for regions where the most serious restrictions on the movement of residents during the coronavirus pandemic period. “When people walk alone, the chance to get infected or infected is zero,” explained “” the idea of ​​Mr. V.

“Let the residents of Moscow ride on bikes, in which not one million rubles are invested,” the member of the HCH added.

While the idea of ​​”green skipping” is supported by all members of the Council, fearing that people will still walk to walk with groups.

Relieve the powers of the senior entrance or house to draw up a schedule of tenants suggested a member of the Presidium of the Council Svetlana Makovetskaya.

HTC has every chance of being heard in the federal government, the head of the human rights project “Apology of Protest” Alexey Glukhov. He reminds about the policy of the Cabinet of Ministers: “Each region is responsible for his restrictions”: “In Krasnodar and Ulyanovsk, for example, the regime is already weakened, but Moscow is a sample of repressive practices for self-aisolated citizens”.

The head of the SPCH Valery Fadeev also informed “”, which “studies the practice of regions” and collects proposals from colleagues on the Council. According to him, uniform recommendations on the weakening of the insulation regime should be sent to the Russian government for this week – on the eve of the May holidays.

These recommendations, we note, should be the third list of proposals that the LTF sends to the Cabinet. The first to disseminate the dissemination of measures to support non-profit organizations (NPOs) and were directed April 10. The second letter went to the government today, April 23. To a greater extent, it concerns coercion to the dismissal of employees of closing enterprises from employers.

“As if on sick leave”

As additional support to small and medium-sized business enterprises offers the Government:

  • Cancel rent for the use of state and municipal property,
  • increase the volume of subsidies to regions,
  • equate self-insulation mode to temporary disability cases.

“We say: let the state pay from the relevant fund, as if the employee is on the hospital. The person will remain employed, and the employer will not incur damages due to the payment of the hospital employee, “commented the appeal to the Cabinet of Minister Fadeev.

The HRC proposes to allow self-injected walking ..

It should be noted that experts from the Center for Social and Labor Rights (CSTP) and Confederation of the Labor of Russia (CTR) participated in the preparation of recommendations (CSTP) and the basis for the letter was the statistics of the work of hot lines opened by lawyers and human rights defenders. Of the more than 1,300 processed appeals, the majority are associated with loss of work: 36% – with coercion to quit on your own accord, 23% – with the refusal of the employer to translate employees to the remote; 12% – with salary reduction.

Director of CSTP Alexander Nuric reported “”, that in such a situation “turn out to be inaccessible mechanisms for the restoration of rights”: “The courts consider only the cases of an urgent nature, do not receive citizens, many of which are generally deprived of the opportunity to leave the place of residence due to self-insulation regime”.

SPCH, head of the CTR and the author of proposals to the Government Boris Kravchenko believes that the situation with labor rights violations in Russia will only be exacerbated, heavier will have to regions “with a weak economic situation, for example Vladikavkaz”.

“Government bodies have not yet have tools for accurate measurement problems. Last week, 180 thousand fell on the labor exchange. The man, at the same time about 25 million workers employed in the shadow sector of labor, and no one knows what is happening there, “he said. Mr. Kravchenko also added that from the right to receive unemployment benefits “still cut off the ruined IP, self-employed and workers who were informally occupied”.

Now the unemployment rate in the Russian Federation is 4.6% (3.4 million people), of which 735 thousand. consist in accounting in employment services. Citizens who appealed to the employment service from March 1, can inclusively receive a manual in the maximum amount – 12.1 thousand. rub., which is equal to the minimum subsistence minimum in the country and about a third of the average salary (37 thousand. rub.).Those who have children will also be able to receive 3 thousand. rub. Monthly for each minor child.

However, as noted in his letter to the Government of the CTR, the current conditions for obtaining unemployment benefits do not give rights to it dismissed on March 1 and informally employed. Such requirements established by the government do not comply with the Presidential Resolution, consider the CTR, and cut off from support measures a significant number of employees.

What support measures are offered for business and employees for a pandemic period

Valery Fadeev also stressed that “the government should lead legislation in accordance with the Office of the President” and the relevant recommendation is aimed at Thursday Mikhail Mishustina.

Earlier, Rostrud also reported that employees complain about attracting them to work and coherent to submission of applications for vacation without salary. The department reminded about the illegality of such practice, and also recommended to contact the labor inspection through the service “Coronavirus: Hotline”, as well as portal online.RF. To test the employer for violation of the law.

The HRC proposes to allow self-injected walking ..

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