Sergey Lavrov told under what conditions will resume…

Sergey Lavrov told under what conditions will resume…

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Sergey Lavrov said, under what conditions the flight will be resumed between the countrygrimsy and Egypt fell by the air of the Russian delegation to the press this time I had to be easier. Egyptian officials and guards did everything to not let reporters even on protocols – a handshake and welcoming words at the beginning of the meetings. Initially, they assured that there would be no problems, but as a result, the negotiation room had to break through the battle. Correspondent “” An employee of the press service of the lag actually pushed out of the room – although at this moment Sergey Lavrov just talked with the Genzek about the weather. Even at the final press conference, journalists managed to get only with difficulty: first they were allowed into a conference room, but then a military counterintelligence arrived and ordered everyone to leave the room.

Holding the press on the heat for almost an hour, the military announced that you can return only without gadgets. And in case someone still managed to bring the phone, mobile communication was muffled in the district. These measures could be explained by the emergency state in the country since April – it was introduced after another terrorist attack, – However, local reporters explained that in Egypt “Always Such a Bardak”.

“B”, however, managed to intercept Ahmed Abul-Gaita after he spent the Russian guest. He described his negotiations with him as “excellent”. And on the question “” whether the lag suggested by Russia the plan for the creation of four zones of de esshelation in Syria replied: “Easy”. “The main thing is that this in the end did not lead to the disintegration of Syria,” he added.

At the same time, at the request of “” to comment if there can be a lag to accept any measures to protect Christian minorities in the Middle East, Mr. Abul-Gate said: “No, we do not interfere with the internal affairs of the organization member states. It (protection of Christians.- “”) is under the management of the relevant governments, and they try to do everything that depends on them to respond to terrorists “.

When can be resumed flights to Egypt

Recall that last Friday in Egypt occurred another terrorist attack: in the province of El Minya Islamic radicals attacked the bus, transporting Christian Copds. The victims of the attack were 26 people, 25 injured, among the victims of several children. In April, as a result of the double terrorist attack in churches in the west of Egypt, more than 40 people died. Responsibility for April attacks, as for the shooting of the bus, assumed the grouping “Islamic state” (prohibited in the Russian Federation). And such attacks occur in Egypt regularly.

Sergey Lavrov told, under what conditions will resume ..

At the final press conference, Sergei Lavrov and Samech Shukri reported that the fight against terrorism was one of the key topics during the negotiations. At the same time, diplomats did not stand out the persecution of Copt terrorists (although the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation expressed condolences about the “disgusting” terrorist attack in El Ming), and talked about terrorism in general. “It is necessary to constantly manifest the vigilance and establishment of the widest international cooperation in the fight against terrorism,” said Sergey Lavrov.- It is necessary to increase the efforts of the world community on the anti-terrorist direction “.

According to the Russian minister, “now there is nothing more important to fight terrorism and his ideology”. “And you need to lead this struggle only together,” Sergey Lavrov added. Commenting on the strikes of the Egyptian Air Force on the positions of terrorists in the neighboring Libya – and for such a step of Egypt’s power, after the terrorist attack in El Ming, – the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation recalled that at one time Western countries in violation of the UN Security Council resolution hit Libya, achieving the fall of Muammar’s regime Gaddafi. At the same time, they, according to Sergey Lavrov, turned Libya “in a black hole” – territory where terrorists feel freely. The Russian minister urged the world community to repeat the mistakes in Syria, which were admitted to Libya, and before that in Iraq, where the United States and their allies, he said, invaded “under the fictional pretext”.

Airports of Cairo and Hurghada painted the powers of Russian guards

Sergei Lavrov said that during the negotiations, the topic of the resumption of flights between the two countries was also raised. Recall, air communication with Egypt was interrupted on the initiative of the Russian Federation at the end of 2015 after the crash of the Kogalymavia aircraft, which operated the flight Sharm-Eshech. Moscow then demanded strengthening security measures at Egypt airports, Russian specialists have repeatedly visited the country, but the timing of the resumption of flights has not yet been determined. As already reported “” (see. Number of May 13), the Egyptian side is not yet ready to approve the presence of Russian specialists in local airports who would control the aircraft safety system, and ceased dialogue on this issue. According to the Egyptian media, the authorities of the country consider the constant presence of foreign security officials with a violation of their sovereignty.

The Russian Foreign Minister on Monday stated that Moscow does not put forward any new conditions for the resumption of direct air traffic with Egypt, and only insists on the implementation of the list of measures, which parties agreed on December 2015 (the question of the presence of Russian specialists in Egyptian airports in this list entered). “And we, and our Egyptian friends should do everything necessary to prevent the repetition of such tragedies (as with the side” Kogalymavia “.- “”). In this context, it is fundamentally important to bring to the end to the end of the investigation, as well as to carry out practical steps that were agreed between our parties and the complete implementation of which will allow to proceed to the practical resumption of flights, “said Sergey Lavrov, who focused on the word” full “.

Sergey Lavrov told, under what conditions will resume ..

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