The first interview with the new owner of the largest regional…

The first interview with the new owner of the largest regional…

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The first interview with the new owner of the largest regional network «Corporation "Centre"»Konstantin Oschempkov: goal — Enter the top three leaders of the household electronics market– Not just right, but the only right. It is direct management from the owner who allowed the corporation «Centre» not just staying afloat enough for Russian business period, but also constantly develop. At the same time, we all witnessed how regional networks of household electronics closed one after another. Someone for internal reasons, someone did not stand the pressure of federal players, very many closed during the crisis of 2008-2009. For our company, this crisis, on the contrary, has become an impetus for a new level. Corporation «Centre» opened up 20 shopping centers per year, significantly expanded the geography of the presence, going to dozens of regions and cities. All this thanks to the personal participation of the owner, suspended financial policy and, of course, the coordinated work of the entire managers team.

For Father Development of the Corporation «Centre» was a matter of life, he gave him 100 percent. Therefore, after his care, I did not have any oscillations – I decided to continue his business and get up at the head of the company to develop it further. This is my duty to him and all employees.

The whole team, thanks to which the company has grown to the current scale, remains at the helm. These are high-level professionals and with huge experience

You managed to save the managers command? What paramount tasks you denoted for her?



– Yes, the whole team, thanks to which the company has grown to the current scale, remains at the helm. These are high-level professionals and with huge experience. Many top managers rose from sellers, so all the processes from the inside thoroughly know. Professional growth in the company also has always been one of its strong sides. So there will be no sharp personnel or other shocks. Corporation «Centre» Stably works, performs all its obligations. The speaker is positive: on a market share was height and in 2017, and in the first half of 2018. According to GFK, our growth is higher than market indicators. Now we analyze a lot of market and think about the further strategy. The main goal for the coming years — Enter the Federal Top 3 Retailers of Household Electronics.

What does that require?

– The most important resource — These are people. The transition to a new level should first occur in the minds of employees, and only later they will realize him in real life. Therefore, a large-scale educational project is now very important — The Corporate Academy, which was developed by the Father and now begins to work. His task — Give our managers the most advanced management skills and technologies. As part of the project, strategic sessions will be held to jointly develop a program of action for a longer term period — until 2025. In connection with the new ambitious plans, we are open to new people who will help us to implement them.

You are also managed by your own, quite successful business in the field of HoReCa, which was discovered by the student. In connection with the transition to the corporation «Centre» You will have to close it?

– No, there are no such plans. The project is really quite successful and continues to grow. In the near future it is planned to enter other regions. Run and completely new direction — Network of budget format cooking «at home» «Happinnes exists». The specificity of the HoReCa market is that it is necessary to maintain a permanent connection with the audience, it is very clear to understand its interests, be able to rebuild quickly for them. I am confident that this experience will be very in demand and in the corporation «Centre», Since the household electronics market also requires a very good understanding of buyers and fast reactions.

Your Father, Sergey Oshchenkova, Many top managers of the company consider in business to their teacher. What he taught you, what kind of principle I remember most?

– The brightest thing that I remember: Business — This is a stone that you constantly roll up. And if you stop, the stone quickly drags you down. Therefore, the owner of the business should be in the work all, entirely. He has no right to inactivate. From my principles I can add: no matter how difficult the situation, you need to always look at it objectively, honestly and act, based on this.

Previously, the company led a number of charitable and social projects. This activity will continue?

– Definitely, yes! All obligations taken will be performed. Among them and support for children who have fallen into a difficult life situation, and support for excellent. These projects lead and will continue to develop our creative division — Media group «Centre». And, of course, the traditional support for Izhevsk chess school. Thanks to her, several winners of All-Russian and international championships have already increased in our region, federal competitions came to the city. This work should be continued.


The first interview with the new owner of the largest regional ..

Konstantin Sergeevich Oshchenkov

Born July 19, 1988 in Izhevsk.

He graduated from school number 30 in Izhevsk, studied at the Department «Management» In the Russian Economic University them. Plekhanov. Then returned to Izhevsk again.

In the mid-2000s began to do business in the field of HoReCa. Built a brewery and opened the pubs of pubs «Pint», which plans to withdraw beyond Udmurtia. Creates a network of cooking «Happinnes exists», Also designed to enter other regions.

In 2013, opened a new generation cinema in Izhevsk «Empire of Dreams». Now it is one of the most visited cinemas.

Married, raises her daughter.


Corporation «Centre» — The largest regional network of consumer electronics. Stores opened under this brand, work in 132 cities of the country. The network is the official partner of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics.

The first interview with the new owner of the largest regional ..

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