The Ministry of Health is asked to reveal the data on drug addicts, alcoholics…

The Ministry of Health is asked to reveal the data on drug addicts, alcoholics…


The Ministry of Health is asked to reveal the data on drug addicts, alcoholics and epileptics of BigdDD made an amendment on the experts hemplapped in OP said that the health of drivers, in fact, is not controlled now. The head of the Moscow Driving School of Moscow Alexander Achkasov said, as provided for the first help to a person who had an attack of epilepsy, it turned out that he had existing rights. Several tens of cases of accidents due to the attacks of epilepsy occurred last year throughout Russia (in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Tatarstan and T. D.).

Metropolitan driving schools use the services of illegal departures of medical examinations that sell medical recorders without health checks and information requests in the dispensaries, the head of the Association of Private Medcentres Albert Khanov said. Approximately about a third of the drivers who received the rights last year did not appeal for the conclusions of the dispensary, the Deputy Director of the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology Sergei Koporov added. In Moscow, for the second half of 2016, the number of appeals to specialized medical institutions was halved (up to 13 thousand.), confirmed the representative of the UGIBDD Moscow Anatoly Misenko. "Such medical meets are deprived of licenses, but after a while they open under a different name",— Mr. Koporov added.

In the government, are interested in why citizens do not want to blow into alkotorests

Partially the problem could solve the exchange of data between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, whether the driver is registered in one or another dispensary, said the Deputy Head of the Registration Examination Department of the traffic police of Russia Sergey Fomochn. Instruction to establish such an exchange president gave back in 2009. "But the database was not created, we have not yet found an understanding with the Ministry of Health how to do it",— Mr. Fomochn complained. In the Ministry of Health, he explained, fear that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will receive access to the personal data of citizens. "But we do not need a diagnosis, we are ready to receive an answer in automatic mode — There are contraindications for driving or not",— Mr. Fomochn noted.

Patients of drug addiction and alcoholics traffic police and prosecutors reveal while on their own. "We requested the lists of persons who have committed criminal offenses in 2016 in Moscow in Moscow in the state of alcohol and drug intoxication,— talked "Kommersant" Head of the Supervision Surveillance Department in the field of law enforcement of the Moscow Prosecutor's Office Dmitry Romanov.— Having received a list of tens of thousands of surnames, we found out that 1260 people have a valid driver's license". According to Mr. Romanova, in courts will be directed to the cessation of the actions of the driver's certificates of these citizens, the corresponding order is sent to the prosecutors of the districts: in the next one or two months, alcoholics and drug addicts will be deprived of the right to drive the car. Such work is carried out regularly, in 2016 the Moscow Prosecutor's Office through the courts deprived of the rights of 450 people, explained "Kommersant" Mr. Romanov

How decided to create a federal driver's health database

Experts believe that traffic police access to the database of the Ministry of Health will not solve all problems. The Scientific Secretary of the Center for Social and Court Psychiatry of the Serbian Svetlana Circus noted that citizens with problems on a mental health or narcology are often observed in private clinics, the Ministry of Health does not transmit information. "People try to hide their diagnosis because they know: they will not be given a certificate and they will be infringed in their rights",— Surminated she.

The Ministry of Health is asked to reveal the data on drug addicts, alcoholics ..

Anatoly Mysyenko from the UGIBDD of Moscow recalled that in the Soviet times of the driver's commissions in the capital there were five to six, and now, according to the Union of Driving Schools of Moscow,— about 100 (in the area — 250). Their list, I am sure you need to determine "at the legislative level", And only state institutions should remain in it. Deputy Head of the UGIBDD in the Moscow Region, Sergey Sevastyanov insists: it is necessary to endow DPS officers to the authority to force drivers for surveys at "identifying signs" diseases under which you can not control the car. In his opinion, it is necessary to introduce and the obligation of additional verification of drivers after an accident, since the injuries obtained may be incompatible with driving.

Following the meeting, the head of the Security Commission of OP Anton Flowers said that the Chamber would turn to the head of the Ministry of Health of Veronik Skvortsova: "We see the interest of all parties in solving the problem, and the Ministry of Health — do not see".

What claims to the Ministry of Health presented a representative of the Prosecutor General's Office Alexander Russetsky

In the press service of the Ministry of Health to request "Kommersant" did not answer. In October 2015, at a meeting in the Government of the Russian Federation, a representative of the Prosecutor General's Office Alexander Rusetsky was presented to the Ministry of Health (see. "Kommersant" dated October 9, 2015), however, comments from the department did not follow. Interestingly, two years ago on regulation.GOV.RU was published prepared in the Ministry of Internal Affairs draft on the creation of a single drivers' health database ("Kommersant" reported him in September 2015), in the Ministry of Health then promised "explore the project". The document was a public discussion, but in two years its status on the portal has not changed.

The Ministry of Health is asked to reveal the data on drug addicts, alcoholics ..

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