The mission of the World Health Organization asks…

The mission of the World Health Organization asks…

Media briefing on COVID-19

The mission of the World Health Organization asks New Questions of China Wuhan Easter to disappoint supporters of the “Chinese conspiracy” theory and version of the leakage of coronavirus from the secret laboratory in Uhana, to find confirmations that COVID-19 could be the secret biological weapon of the PRC, the WHO experts could not be. However, the conclusions of the epidemiologists from 12 countries, including Russia, USA, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Japan, refute the original version of Beijing that December 2019 became the point of reference, when the Chinese authorities officially notified the leadership of WHO.

As stated on Sunday in an interview with the CNN television channel, the head of the WHO delegation, a specialist in zoonotic infections and food security Peter Ben Embarek (Denmark), according to the results of work in Uhana, his team has established: In December 2019, the coronavirus pandemic was already in full swing, that is, she began much earlier. “The virus has been widely circulated in Uhana in December 2019, which was the discovery,” said the head of the International Group WHO, saying that at that time at least a thousand people were infected, and not one, and 13 different strains of COVID-19.

The second main conclusion of WHO experts is that Coronavirus generally could not be a single source of distribution. “Some strains began to spread from local markets, and some are not connected with markets,” said Peter Ben Embarek, giving understanding that the work of the WHO mission in Uhana gave rise to new questions.

Confirmation that the number of these issues will multiply, and the final press conference, which WHO experts spent last week before flying from the Uhanny.

  • As follows from their explanations, it remains unclear what role in the spread of the coronavirus was played by the very market of seafood “Huangan”, which for many months in the world was considered the original source COVID-19.
  • In addition, WHO experts consider unlikely that direct carriers of COVID-19, because of which the virus hit the seafood market, it was bats.
  • During the work of the mission, a hypothesis requiring and additional studies appeared that there was still some intermediate carrier.

As for the version of the leakage of the virus from the laboratory, the WHO scientists no longer consider it as one of the workers.

Against the background of obvious discrepancies in the version of Chinese doctors and authorities and version of WHO experts, The Wall Street Journal newspaper reported that the PRC authorities refused to provide the team Peter Ben Embarec initial untreated data on the first cases of coronavirus disease, capable of shedding light on the nature of the pandemic. According to The Wall Street Journal, WHO experts found that in October 2019, in Central China, 92 people were hospitalized with symptoms similar to the signs of coronavirus.

Thus, the statements of representatives of the WHO mission give certain reasons to argue that during work in Uhana for one reason or another, they were not provided with all the information. In this regard, as Jake Sullivan President’s National Security Advisor stated, Washington demands that the WHO report is independent, and the conclusions of experts are free from the intervention from the Chinese government “. “To better understand the current pandemic and prepare for the next, China will have to provide data on the earliest days of the outbreak of the disease,” Mr. Sullivan demanded.

The World Health Organization Mission sets ..

However, the Chinese side has already made it clear that in the future it does not intend to justify, and has shifted responsibility to Washington.

“The United States in recent years has seriously undermined multilateral institutions, including the World Health Organization, and caused severe damage to international cooperation on COVID-19. At the same time, the United States, acting as if nothing had happened, show a finger on WHO and to countries that honestly supported WHO, “said the PRC Embassy in Washington, distributed in response to the statement of Jake Sullivan. In his response, Chinese dipmissions in Washington called on the United States “take a serious, sincere, transparent and responsible position” and “support the work of WHO with real actions”.

Against the background of the new war of the words between Washington and Beijing in the discussion on how to interpret the data received by WHO experts, their colleagues were included who did not enter the delegation and who did not have the opportunity to visit Wuhan.

“I don’t think the excursion for WHO experts to the laboratory in Uhana can be considered an objective evidence that the virus leaks could not be. When we go to the excursion to production, we have little chance to see some problems. I would call this inspection and conclusion that in the laboratory everything is perfect and the leakage is impossible, the formal point in the reasoning about the source of the virus, “said RIA Novosti, Professor School Biology School Biology of George Mason (USA) Ancha Baranova.

“To discover something in Uhana, it is necessary to send a group of detectives, and not a group of WHO officials,” Mrs. Baranova noticed sarcastically.

However, in her opinion, one of the versions of WHO experts deserves attention that the possible source of infection could be frozen meat of exotic animals delivered from Chinese farms, where they are grown to bottom.

Thus, after the first trip of WHO experts in Wuhan Beijing never managed to leave the winner in the continuing information war around the pandemic and close the explosive topic in relations with the United States, which was actively picked up by a new administration in the White House.

The World Health Organization Mission sets ..
The World Health Organization Mission sets ..

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