The participants of the EU Summit supported the Great Britain…

The participants of the EU Summit supported the Great Britain…

British PM meets EU leaders for first time since Brexit vote

The participants of the EU summit supported the Great Britain of the “Screened” case made a solidinnocreterable discussion on the strengthening of the EU cooperation with NATO in civil defense, including protection against chemical, bacteriological and radiological weapons, as well as to counter hybrid challenges.
In relation to Moscow, no measures were taken: in the final statement, it is reported only about the intention of the EU to monitor the reaction of the Russian side and on this basis to produce further tactics.

About why the EU will not yet be introduced against the Russian Federation sanctions because of the “Creation of Scripped”, said Premier Finland Yuha Sipile: “I talked to several prime ministers, and (they believe that.- “”) confidence in wine should be absolutely 100%, before we talk about the sanctions. It seems that this is the position of many people. “.

As an escalation between Moscow and London struck by cultural relations

In London, they were satisfied with solidarity, which the participants of the summit showed. “We had a very complete discussion of Russia, and I welcome that the EU summit agreed with the assessment of the Government of Great Britain. And there is no other more believable explanation of what happened, “said British Premier Teresa Mei.

At the same time, British diplomats hope that concrete steps will follow Solidarity. In particular, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrei Babish after the working dinner stated: Prague can send several Russian diplomats, as the United Kingdom has already done. According to The Guardian, this opportunity is also considered in France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In the meantime, the EU Marcus Ederor Ambassador. About this AP agency reported Prime Minister Netherlands Mark Rutte. He stressed that this measure does not imply the final review of the diplomat from the Russian capital.

“The decision of the European Union Summit to withdraw to consult an EU ambassador in Moscow Marcus Ederor, of course, not sanction, but a purely symbolic gesture of London’s support in its tough line to Russia’s accusation in the Incident in Salisbury. However, even this fact confirms two very distinguishing trends in the West Policy, – wrote on his Facebook page the head of the International Affairs Committee of the Council of Federation Konstantin Kosachev.-

The participants of the EU summit supported the UK 'Case ..

First, the notorious Solidarity of the EU is not only above the relationship with Russia or the interests of stability in Europe, but even above the facts and common sense…

Secondly, the West demonstrates exactly what is attributed to Russia: unpredictability. It is already simply impossible to predict where it will once again happen "Attack of Russia" – whom to poison someone where "prescribe" president, will make kiberagression and t.P. From Russia itself, this is no longer dependent, it is only waiting for the explanations that no one is going to listen to “.

How to grow problems in Russian-British relations

In Moscow, its involvement in the poisoning of Sergey Skriply and his daughter Yulia is still denying. On Wednesday, a briefing was held on Wednesday, on which the Director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Yermakov, explained to those gathered to foreign diplomats that there are two options for the reasons for what happened: “either the British authorities are not able to protect against such a terrorist attack on their territory, Either they themselves directly or indirectly – the attack on Russian citizen has reached “. He assured that “Russia to this is absolutely not involved at least one simple reason: for Russia, such an adventure is simply unacceptable and in all respects it is unprofitable.”. Attack on Sergey and Yulia Skrepaled Russian diplomat called the “next roughly falsified adventure”.

That foreign diplomats have heard from the Russian Foreign Ministry on the poisoning of the violinist

In turn, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Sadkov in an interview with the RT TV channel made criticized the United Kingdom: “We see the country of Bairon and Shakespeare, the country of Conan Doyle, the country that was once a magnificent empire with the enormous political traditions of diplomacy. It turned into a country where politicians do, let me modestly notice, irresponsible statements. This is problem”. Mr. Peskov also told that the agenda becomes more and more of the elements of the Cold War. At the same time, he stressed: Vladimir Putin intends to develop relations with many countries in the world, including the United States and Europe in a new presidential period.

The participants of the EU summit supported the UK 'Case ..

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