The strongest team of old light has become the best team…

The strongest team of old light has become the best team…


The strongest team of old world has become the best Miracube team for European championships of the other party, the one will be the one who will enroll the Spaniards in the category "Strange champions". And not only because they started with the defeat from Swiss — despite the fact that the law developed by the 18th championships stateed that the defeat at the start is equivalent to the abandonment of the fight for the first place. The Spaniards denied him, having achieved six in a row winnings. But what were the winnings! Modest in a general victory over the outsiders from Honduras with a score of 2: 0 is still knocked out of the total row, since the other five were obsessed with a minimum account. And in play-off to overcome each of the stages, the Spaniards enough only.

As a result, the team, whose most powerful trump card was considered to be at which even defenders were constantly involved, and whose mentor equated her approval on the football top to the approval on her beauty and taste for attack, finished the South African championship with eight shogged goals — Record low indicator for title owners. Strikingly low, even if you remember Villa and Habi Alonso Penalties not implemented by David in matches with Honduras and Paraguay national teams. And very sharply contrast and with other statistical calculations — We are talking about the ball, the number of blows on a stranger one's gate, and with general impressions, testifying that the Spanish team still values ​​the reputation of the team trying to no matter how much the bet in the match is to give a holiday.

But her fate in South Africa was such — It seems to be on the class, but at the same time, what is called, on a thin, with a challenge — Victory. And it's surprising that the Spaniards got out of all of these nervous. Including from the one that was waiting for them in the final, which came out the culmination of all their performances in South Africa in the sense of paradox.

It was a final, about which it seems to be not saying that in it, as in some of the finals of the world championships, caution came across the field, the fear of missing and boredom. It had naked moments in it, and plot turns.

In the first quarter of an hour it seemed that the Spaniards could "break down" Dutch, although they stated that they were not afraid of favorites, and the bad karma of the Great national team of Holland of the 1970s, which two times traveled to the decisive matches of the world championships and both times lost in them, was not transmitted to the current generation. But they slightly bent. And Sergio Ramos, once pierced his head, and once Fint went in a penalty from Dirk Kate, was not so far from the goal.

It was believed that this championship was terribly lucky with the final, because he brought two teams with similar philosophy — philosophy that welcomes openness. But the Dutch women who cracked from the Spanish gust as a response chose not their attacks, but cruelty. And the Spaniards accepted the challenge. In the middle of the first half of the referee Howard Webb, forced to distribute to the rivals one for another five yellow cards (Nigel de Jonggu — For such a terrible jump in his legs in the chest of Habi Alonso, that the Dutchman probably was happy to get into the carton of such a color), for the first time came out of the shadow on the outstandsen and did not leave her anymore. And then it became obvious that the South African finale would beat the rudeness of the roughness of the 1986 finals, in which the Argentines and the Germans collected six warnings. He exceeded it with a reserve.

And the Dutch in the meantime, having tried on the strength of Spanish bones and nerves, began to try on strength and their protection. And in the second half of Wesley Sneider, falling, after all the same hole in its central zone and found the opportunity to run there Pas Arjena Robben. It was a clean output one on one. And Bil Robben in the opposite direction to the direction of Iker Casillas side. But the ball, hooking a feet of goalkeeper, slipped past the rack.

The strongest team of old light has become the best team ..

Soon, David Villa burned. The gates were three meters from the Spanish scorer, nobody interfered with him, and it was necessary to just pier on John Hatching in front of him. Villa did not manage: Ricoch selected the ball over the crossbar.

Spaniards again pursed the Dutch. And again they made sure that a small gaming advantage does not insure them from Dutch bites. The second escape of Robben and his second failure in the fight against Casillas, although this time there was no sighting strike — The goalkeeper took the ball in the legs of the forward, the Dutch worried much sharper. Everyone was perfectly visible to them, as trying to stop Robben, Carles Puyol grabs his hands at the penalty and knocking — not with legs but with rhythm run. If Webb drew attention to this seizure, it would show a bullet that had already earned a warning, another yellow card — and Spain would have to play further without a key defender. And the English judge ignored him.

Then there was an extra time in which Spaniards, who obviously got both made in the main replacement time — and Pedro on Hesus Nawas, and especially Habi Alonso to Fabregas Feszy, looked fresh. So fresh that put the production of ass chances, before those who were with tremendous labor, to flow. They were at Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Nawas. And at the beginning of the second overtime of the heating, taking the second warning from Webb, put the Dutch in a very difficult position.

They were sure that they could or would not be in it at all, or to get out of him, don't How Howard Webb so favorable to the Spaniards. And they remembered their own excellent opportunities, not their own rudeness, but how Puyol had enough Robben and how Webb for some reason did not appoint a corner when after hitting the skeider with a free ball left for the facial line from "Walls". Instead of the corner was free from Spanish gate. And a minute later, the Spanish national team held an attack in which she managed to deliver the ball to the duty officer in the penalty in the penalty: he hit without a chance for Dutch goalkeeper Marten Poklenburg.

Five minutes later, simultaneously with the final whistle, Spanish players, are absolutely confident that their football, the best football in the world, brought them a honestly well-deserved award, rushed — Someone like Iker Casillas, sobbing happiness,— hug oneself with each other. Sneyder, Robben, Mark Van Bomel and Joris Metyassen at this moment rushed into his last and the same ineffective as all the previous ones, attack — on Howard Webba. And their coach Bert Wang Marveying with a gloomy face, apparently, has already thought about how to deal with a silver reward. He removed her from the neck, not having time to get off the podium.

The strongest team of old light has become the best team ..

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