The world is preparing for the global epidemic of Chinese disease…

The world is preparing for the global epidemic of Chinese disease…

7 dead, 60 infected by new disease in China | WION News

The world is preparing for the global epidemic of Chinese diseases. Rating 73 times over the weekend increased the number of infected with new coronavirus in Italy – On Friday, only three cases were reported, on Monday, the authorities reported 219 registered cases. “We still can not calculate who brought a disease to the country, so make predictions difficult,” said Angelo Borelli Country Defense Head of the National Security Service. According to him, one person has already recovered, and 91 patients are in isolation in his own homes. Registered five deaths.

Coronavirus brought it out of the game

Most of the diseases recorded in Lombardy, the region in the north of Italy. According to the Minister of Health of the country of Roberto Sperans, in the municipalities affected by the disease, emergency measures were introduced: public events were prohibited, public institutions were closed, the intensity of public transport was reduced, all infected and those who have contacted them are placed in quarantine. In ten cities, entry and departure are allowed only on special documents. “We ask everyone who was in the epidemic zone, necessarily stay at home,” said Mr. Speransman.

In Milan, the capital of Lombardy – schools closed for a week and group trips of students are canceled, some shows in the framework of the Milan Fashion Week passed behind closed doors with Internet broadcasts. In addition, the period was completed before the term. The authorities of neighboring countries – in particular, Austria – decided to discuss the appropriateness of the introduction of restrictions on the border with Italy. French Health Minister Olivier Veran announced a quick meeting of the heads of medical departments of the EU countries.

Epidemic Center, Patriotism Center

“Despite the fact that residents of Kum are in the epicenter of the disease, it was Kum who became one of the most active electoral districts,” so the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatolla Ali Khamenei commented on the past Iran On Friday, the elections that showed the lowest in the history of the Islamic Republic of Jaw (according to preliminary data, less than 43%) and ended with large-scale quarantine events.

Damage to coronavirus whole economies are still ahead

Soon after the closure of polling stations, the authorities announced a temporary termination of schools, universities, cinemas and cultural centers in different regions of the country. Some sporting events are canceled, some will pass without viewers. All these measures are taken against the background of the deadly epidemic after China – according to official data, 61 people got ill in Iran, died 12. At the same time, the Iranian deputy Ahmad Farakhani said that the authorities hide the true number of victims and in fact the fallen 50.

The authorities of Armenia, Turkey and Pakistan temporarily closed the border with Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Oman and Georgia suspended a message with the country, and Azerbaijan called on citizens to caution when visiting the Islamic Republic.

Faith and virus

The new epicenter of the propagation of coronavirus is also recorded in Asia – authorities South Korea announced top level alarm. President Moon Zhe In Stulant that in the situation with coronavirus, a “threatening turn” occurs. “The following few days will be extremely important. Following the recommendations of the experts, the government will increase the level of anxiety to "Threatening" and radically strengthened response, “said the head of state.

The world is preparing for the global epidemic of Chinese disease ..

South Korea ranks second in the number of ill – power reported on 833 cases of infection and eight deaths. The epicenter became the city of Tag, where the disease quickly spread among the members of the local mysterious Christian sect “Sinchongzhongi”, practicing mass services, but the virus was recorded in other cities – Kwangju and Jeju. The right newspaper “Choson Ilbo” encouraged to close all the Chinese entrance to the country – the corresponding petition scored more than 760 thousand. signatures. “The situation with Coronavirus came out from under control, because the president was filled with optimism said that the epidemic would not last long. If the virus does not block the path of distribution, the whole country will be under threat, “- written in the editorial article of the newspaper.

Coronavirus translated the Chinese to the sofa mode

The authorities also earned criticism not only for too slow, but also for too active response to the epidemic – because of the practice of one-time use of bed linen and towels, all suspects for Coronavirus appeared in TEGA. Doctors report that neither doctors nor nurses nor nurses in hospitals are missing for servicing all patients.

Primary source infection

IN China – in the homeland of coronavirus – the authorities also inform about the difficulties of combating it. “The current situation with the epidemic is still intense and complex. Control and prevent it is now on the most important phase, “said the chairman of the PRC Si Jinping. According to him, the current emergency in health care has become the most difficult since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and will undoubtedly cause a tangible damage to the country’s economy. “For us, this is a crisis, and a great test,” he emphasized, calling the regions to gradually and orderly return to work, guided by the situation in the field.

How Tatyana Golikova explained the need to limit the entry in the Russian Federation of CNR citizens

Shortly after his appeal of power of Guangdong provinces, Shanxi, Gansu, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Liaoning reduced the levels of anxiety-related levels, allowing local authorities to independently take the necessary measures to combat the epidemic.

The world community in the meantime is preparing to further spread the virus: WHO requested $ 675 million to prepare countries with underdeveloped health systems for epidemics.

The world is preparing for the global epidemic of Chinese disease ..

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