The world split on supporters and opponents of Anglo-Swedish…

The world split on supporters and opponents of Anglo-Swedish…

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The world split on supporters and opponents of the Anglo-Swedish drug from Astrazeneca was a viral-conference on this topic today held a European drug agency (EMA). As the Executive Director of the Agency Emer Cook, the advantages of using the drug in any case, outweigh the risks. Nevertheless, she emphasized: making decisions about whether to use a vaccine or not, remains “the prerogative of each particular state”.

Astrazeneca vaccine, developed with the participation of the University of Oxford, is one of the most popular drugs against COVID-19 in the world, in particular in Europe. The effectiveness of the vaccine is estimated at 70% – by 20-25% lower than its analogues. The vaccination campaign started in the EU at the end of December. In early March, however, some European countries began to report serious side effects of the use of Anglo-Swedish.

In particular, the deaths after vaccination were previously reported by the Netherlands, Austria, Estonia and Denmark. On March 10, EMA stated that in the territory of the European economic zone among 5 million people who received the injection of the Astrazeneca vaccine, 30 cases of thromboembolism were recorded – a potentially deadly disease, in which the blockage of vital blood vessels thrombus. The probability of occurrence of the disease is thus constituted only 0.0006%. As a response to reports of such cases in WHO and EMA, previously recommended continuing the use of the drug. Astrazeneca also stated that evidence of increased risk of blood clots from the preparation created by it and that the vaccine “is well tolerated”. At the same time, EMA additionally studies the current situation and is expected to represent on March 18 will present new data on the presence or absence of luggage of thrombosis with vaccine.

Nevertheless, more than two thirds of the EU member countries have already announced the suspension of the use of the drug.

This Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia, France and Germany. Temporarily stop using vaccines decided on its “homeland” – in Sweden. As the Swedish Health Agency reported, in the kingdom itself about the side effects of the drug, it was not reported, the decision was the precautionary measure – until EMA completes its investigation.

Some other countries have also already stated that they will not approve the Astrazeneca vaccine (Venezuela) or postponed vaccination (Guinea-Bissau).

However, as a whole outside the EU, the drug Astrazeneca is perceived with much less skepticism.

So, in India, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Morocco, Australia, Canada and Nigeria have already stated that they will continue vaccination.

Foreign media – about suspension of using Astrazeneca

“The benefits of the vaccine still surpasses the risk,” the Canadians were assured in the Ministry of Health, noting that the department “is aware of the reports of side effects after vaccinating Astrazeneca in Europe”. And Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, speaking last Friday, said that the vaccine is safe and local medical professionals do not see the grounds for suspension of its application in the country.

Refuse Astrazeneca (True, Indian production) are not going to Ukraine. “I do not see any problems (with the safety of vaccine for people’s life.- “”), nothing to talk about, “said the Minister of Health Country Maxim Stepanov today on the ICTV TV channel. In this case, yesterday it became known that the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko on the 13th day after the vaccine was given by Astrazeneca, infected with coronavirus.

The world split on supporters and opponents of the Anglo-Swedish ..

Note that the European Commission from the EU decision to suspend vaccination to the drug today was removed.

“The European Commission is not involved in the decision-making of EU countries to suspend the vaccine vaccine vaccine. This is a matter of national competence, “the official representative of the European Commission Erik Mamer said today.

He stressed that all vaccines in the portfolio of the Union, “passed a detailed estimate” EMA. The suspension of the application of the vaccine also criticized the Chairman of the World Medical Association Frank Ulrich Montgomery. “Unfortunately, this is actually a good and effective vaccine due to the flow of information about it and the suspension of the use of the vaccine in many countries will not immediately receive high recognition among the population, – he said today by the Media group RedaktionSnetZwerk Deutschland.- the fact that people have thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, it is not necessary to have a vaccine. “.

Campaigns vaccinations from coronavirus faced problems in many countries

“There are no direct causes to associate cases of thromboembolism with vaccine. Most likely, the current situation is associated with increased attention to vaccines and their effects, “Sergey Kharitonov said” Kommersant “.- The massive refusal of Astrazeneca is clear as a political step, as a populist course of European politicians. On the one hand, the one who wanted to be hidden will be brought by another vaccine. On the other hand, for those who doubted, the decision to suspend the use of the vaccine will be a coin into a piggy bank in order not to be vaccinated. This is generally bad for Astrazeneca and absolutely will definitely reduce the rate of vaccination. It is clear that from a medical point of view, such a sharp and massive failure is not justified yet. “.

Commenting on the fact that the Russian vaccine “satellite V” is made on the same principle as Astrazaneca (both vector vaccines), the expert noted: in the Russian Federation, they have not yet reported similar cases of thrombosis. At the same time, Mr. Kharitonov said: “It is obvious that such cases are somehow occur, because we are talking about a huge number of people and you can certainly find someone who has similar effects manifested”.

The world split on supporters and opponents of the Anglo-Swedish ..

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