They failed to agree on the most principled…

They failed to agree on the most principled…

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They did not manage to agree on the most fundamental issues of the Norman Four, they worked for a twice “We are today (on Monday.- “”) Discussed the need for specific steps to normalize the environment in the field of security in the Donbass, attracted attention to the fact that in October 2016 the leaders "Norman format" Personally engaged in this situation and agreed that in three settlements – Petrovsky, Gold and Stanitsa Lugansk – there will be breeding forces and means of the parties, and this agreement has not yet been fulfilled, “said Mr. Lavrov, explaining that at some stage Breeding forces there happened, but then the Ukrainian military returned to gray zones. By decision this discussion never ended.

As chapters of Ukraine, Germany and France discussed Donbass without Vladimir Putin

Negotiations on the Formula Formula FRG Frank-Walter Steinmeyer, which is now the President of Germany), which implues the entry into force of the Donbass’s Special Status Act after the elections to be recognized by the OSCE honest and free. “So far, our Ukrainian colleagues do not allow this formula, this agreement leaders to lie on paper and gain some kind of legal significance. We also talked about it, and our French and German colleagues supported us in this. “,— Said Sergey Lavrov.

The ministers did not inform any news and about the prospects for the appearance of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass. Sergey Lavrov said that this issue was discussed, and recalled that the Russian draft of the relevant resolution lies in the UN Security Council since September last year.

Khaiko Mas added that the political director of foreign departments of four countries would “work out how to continue to negotiate on such a mission, and discuss it in the coming weeks with each other.”.

“Both parties are open to such a mission, but ideas about how it will look, what will their mandate and the action zone are far from each other”,— Noted German Minister (TASS quotes).

His French colleague added that the meeting of the directors of the Foreign Ministers will take place, “as soon as the process of implementing the Minsk arrangements will allow”.

Khaiko Maas, Jean-Yves Drian and Pavel Klimkin also consider a meeting, which could not be achieved by specific agreements, useful. German Foreign Minister – because “Detailed, very open and constructive dialogue” took place. Mr. Le Drian believes that she allowed “to give a new dynamics” negotiations, and Pavel Klimkin is primarily because “there was a real discussion of the issues of the liberation of political prisoners and hostages and the format of a peacekeeping mission”.

They failed to agree on the most important ..

As Vladimir Putin and Peter Poroshenko agreed to visit prisoners with ombudsmen

According to him, the discussions on these issues in the “Norman format” have not yet been conducted: “We never talked about political prisoners in general, and not just about hostages, we never substantively discussed a peacekeeping mission regarding a clear definition, which is The difference in our positions. In the sense of the result, we need further discussions, and we will be accentuated along with our German and French friends to hold them “.

Almost two weeks before the Berlin meeting, Sergei Lavrov said that it would not make sense if the parties would not be able to solve two problems: to achieve the breeding of the forces of the parties in Golden, Petrovsky and the village of Lugansk and fix on paper “Formula Steinmeier”. “The meeting will make sense exclusively if these two failures will be replenished and the” Normandskaya Four “will accept the appropriate statement. Without such a statement on these two topics, made a shame for our work in the ” Norman format ”, it is meaningless “,— Said May 30 during a speech at Primakovsky readings in Moscow Russian minister.

After four hours in the society of the Ukrainian, German and French colleagues, Sergey Lavrov did not say about the senselessness, but, on the contrary, called it very useful. But, apparently, to the settlement of the situation in the Donbas, it is unlikely to lead.

One of the Russian negotiators, who asked not to mention his name, said that Kiev’s position is clearly tougher. According to him, Pavel Klimkin, even in the absence of the press, said that the authorities of the DPR and LNR are not illegitimate and that now Kiev comes from the adopted law on the reintegration of the Donbass. “This is despite the fact that representatives of the Lugansk and Donetsk authorities participate in the negotiations in the Contact Group on the Settlement of the situation in Ukraine”,— noted the diplomatic source.

The interlocutor “” also noted that Haiko Maas told the Ministers to colleagues that German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to hold a summit in “Norman format”. “Vladimir Putin will not refuse to participate in such a summit. But in the conditions of such a position of Kiev, its effectiveness “,— signed diplomat.

They failed to agree on the most important ..
They failed to agree on the most important ..

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