To investigate Alexei Navalny, it was enough…

To investigate Alexei Navalny, it was enough…

CNN investigation uncovers tailing of Alexey Navalny prior to poisoning

To investigate Alexei Navalny, there was enough internet and money to themselves special services, Mr. Navalny felt bad on August 20 in an airplane flying from Tomsk to Moscow. The aircraft urgently sat in Omsk, the politician was hospitalized to the local emergency hospital. A day later he was transported to the clinic “Sharite” in Berlin; Later, German doctors stated that the Russian politician was poisoned by the cholinesterase inhibitor from the group of preparations “Novice”. Russia poisoning denies and unsuccessfully achieves from the German side of legal assistance in the form of providing evidence of poisoning. The criminal case in the Russian Federation in connection with the happened has not yet been initiated. Mr. Navalny accuses his poisoning of the FSB and the highest leadership of Russia.

What versions of what happened to Alexey Navalny offered SVR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

On the trip with the oppositionist in Tomsk in August, according to investigators, members of the said group Alexey Alexandrov (“Frolov”), Ivan Osipov (“Spiridonov”) and Vladimir Panyaev, and led the operation of Stanislav Makshakov, which the authors were tied up with the military unit in the city Shikhans of the Saratov region – In Soviet times, combat poisoning substances were made here. In the investigation, it is argued that specialists who worked in Shikhans moved to the service in the structure of the FSB and the Ministry of Defense. Alexey Navalny believes that in July 2020, the same group has already tried to poison him and his spouse during a trip to Kaliningrad, where politician, for example, attended a techno party on the Baltic Sea.

Investigatives declare that they have made their conclusions on the basis of the analysis of flight receipts of travelers Mr. Navalny, passport data of passengers relevant flights, their phone numbers, as well as billing of these rooms for several months with reference to geotegam. The data is allegedly obtained in the black market.

“” decided to find out whether such an array of data is possible without the help of Russian or foreign intelligence services.

“Of course, it is impossible to make it a legitimate way: such data is confidential by definition and are available only by law enforcement officers. However, it is possible to buy this information in Darknet without much difficulty, “says the founder of the DLBI DLBI Data Leaks Inhang. According to him, on the “punching” forums, sold both billing of all mobile operators and services for determining the location of phones and access to databases of documents or systems to track movement in various transport. “Make an order for this data is easy, it is enough just to know several profile forums yes to have a couple of bitcoins – the favorite payment of sellers "Purse"”Explains Mr. Oganesyan.

How hackers worked with outdated state structure bases

“All investigations keep on the massif of the data that they bought on the black market, all holes and vulnerabilities of state information systems were used to collect information, – says Partner Digital Right Center Sarkis Darbinian.- in terms of legislation, they could break the mystery of privacy and get unauthorized access to protected systems. It is possible that the citizens mentioned in the investigation will submit to the Navalny civil lawsuit, but judicial practice shows that the plaintiffs will not be able to get large payments – a maximum of 10-20 thousand. rub.”.

To investigate Alexei Navalny, it was enough ..

According to Ashota Oganenya, detailing calls and SMS, according to “Public Price Lists of Sellers "Purse"”It is an average of 20 thousand. rub. per room per month. Training service traffic police in the black market costs 1 thousand. rub., The expert continues, “breaking through” the current list of passengers on the system “Mainer” will cost 2 thousand. rub. per person, although on flights, perfect until 2016, part of the data can be found and free, clarifies it. Finally, the definition of the location of the phone, says Mr. Oganesyan, will cost 40 thousand. in one request.

“For full-fledged "Observations" At one owner of the device, several dozen such requests are needed, “the expert counts, adding that” illegal access to confidential information will be not cheaps “.

However, the correspondent “” was convinced that some of these data can be obtained free. Wheels in one of the Telegram bots only the number of his mobile phone, he received his full passport details, home address, room, brand and vin number of the car, information about its parking sessions on paid parking, address of one of the mailboxes and even a password to Him. Of all this array of data, only a password for the box was invalid, which correspondent “Kommers” changed a few years ago.

“” previously reported on leaks of large arrays of these clients of banks and telecommunication companies. “If we talk about database plums, then we have real sentences in practice. 4 Article. 274 of the Criminal Code (violation of the rules of operation of storage, processing or transmission of computer information and information and telecommunication networks), there are criminal sentences to disclose bank secrets (st. 184 of the Criminal Code). But the responsibility is provided for those who have merged the data into the darket, and not for those who used them, “says the Chairman of the Commission on the Legal Economy of the Digital Economics of the Moscow Branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia Alexander Zhuravlev. Also law enforcement agencies may consider that the author of “plum” has declined the state secrets (h. 1 Art. 283 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), adds an expert. Even if we assume that Mr. Navalny, in his investigation, revealed the data of the current employees of the Special Group of the FSB, will not be easy to attract it to criminal liability, clarifies Alexander Zhuravlev: “We must take into account the fact that Navalny did not speak directly that it was he who received this information, and not Other persons who also conducted an investigation “.

To investigate Alexei Navalny, it was enough ..
To investigate Alexei Navalny, it was enough ..

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