US for the first time published a report with “evidence”…

US for the first time published a report with “evidence”…


US for the first time published a report with the "evidence" of the Russian intervention, the accusations of the United States of the United States of the US Democratic Party of the Democratic Party, the US Democratic Party Committee, as well as the election headquarters of the former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Recall, mailboxes of employees of these structures were hacked a few months before the elections, as a result of which the compromising Hillary Clinton and its headquarters turned out to be in open access. US Special Services Back in January 2017 published a report in which it was said that the power of the Russian Federation was worth the hacking. However, the document did not contain actually no information that would make a conclusion about the plausibility of their accusations. Unambiguous judgments could not be made on numerous statements of American officials and leaks in the media about the "involvement of the Russian authorities" to this attack: the information that had before this day could be considered except as indirect evidence of Moscow's guilt.

Announced 29-page accusation contains data perfect other than. It follows from it that at least 12 people participated in operations on a hacking mail: Viktor Netetaksho, Boris Antonov, Dmitry Badin, Ivan Yermakov, Alexey Lukashev, Sergey Morgachev, Nikolay Kozachek, Pavel Ershov, Artem Malyshev, Alexander Osiddchuk, Alexey Potemkin and Anatoly Kovalev.

According to the Ministry of Justice of the United States, these people are employees of the General Staff of the General Staff of Russia (GRU).

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Viktor Borisovich Netetksho in the document named commander of the military unit 26165 (Moscow, Komsomolsky Prospect, D. 20), which is supposedly and was the center of the operation of a hacking mail of democrats. On the Internet there are information that a person with the same name manages the relevant part. In the open access, there is also the text of the dissertation protected in 2003 on the topic: "Restore the parameters of discrete devices based on the revaluation of probabilities using valid threshold ratios". Specialty: "Mathematical and software computing machines, complexes and computer networks".

The accusation shows the positions of the remaining alleged participants of the operation in the military units of the GRU 26165 and 74455 (Kirov Street, D. 22, Khimki). At the same time, in some cases, pseudonyms used by hackers. So, Ivan Yermakov since 2010 allegedly carried out in the network under the nicknames "Kate S. Milton "," James McMorgans "and" Karen W. Millen ». And Nikolay Kozachek periodically enjoyed the pseudonyms "Kazak" and "Blablabla1234565".

As follows from the charge, in March 2016, the listed persons began to send the so-called phishing letters to members of the Democratic Party.

There were several hundred people in their distribution. Messages were very similar to Google notifications, while the users were asked to proceed at the attached link and enter on the site (which was actually created by hackers) his password and login. Several people bought it. Owners of other boxes were offered to download a file, supposedly containing information from Headquarters Hillary Clinton. However, when loading this document, a malicious spy program was installed on a computer (for example, X-Agent).

According to the Ministry of Justice of the United States, the hackers thus managed to download several tens of thousands of letters of democrats. Some of them contained information compromising the highest party structures. To extend this data on the Internet and media, the crackers created the DCLEAKS website and the user Guccifer 2.0. At the same time, from the charge, it follows that domains were recorded and servers around the world they often with the help of bitcoins – this allowed to take tracks.

US for the first time published a report with

Earlier in the US media already expressed assumptions that user Guccifer 2.0, who issued himself for Hacker from Romania and argued that he alone hacked the democrats servers, in fact, is an employee of Russian special services. However, specific evidence was not given.

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From the published accusation it follows that Guccifer 2.0 was created by employees of part 74455. In the document, in particular, it is said that on June 15, 2016, hackers in the interval between 16:19 and 16:56 Moscow time, using the server listed for this part, was looking for in the search engine Translation into English of certain words and phrases. At 19:02 on the same day on the WordPress service on behalf of Guccifer 2.0 was published post with reference to DCleaks, in which these terms and expressions appeared.

In the accusation and many other details in support of the United States authorities on the involvement of Russian special services to hacking democrats servers. Previously, American officials have repeatedly made it clear that they have the technical capabilities of interception of traffic in Russia, as well as insiders in the state structures of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, Rosenstine, presenting the document, stressed that the investigation does not have evidence that the hacker attack influenced the result of presidential elections in the US.

Note that on Friday, Assistant President Yuri Ushakov once again assured journalists that Moscow never intervened and is not going to interfere with American election campaigns. At the same time, he added: "If Americans have some facts, we are ready to consider".

US for the first time published a report with

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