Western companies estimate possible losses after…

Western companies estimate possible losses after…

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Western companies estimate possible losses after the US output from the nuclear transaction with the Iranombusiness came to the American-Iranian hostage August 2015, the head of the civil aviation organization Iran Mohammad Khodakara stated that “Iran will buy a total of 80-90 aircraft per year in two aviation giants ( Boeing and Airbus.- “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com”) As part of the first phase of the Passenger Airplane Park. The problem of aging and the arrival of the Iranian aircraft fleet is very acute. The average age of aircraft in the country is 23 years, which is two times higher than the average. As a result, it was in Iran that the most terrible air crashes of the last time took place. Since the beginning of the century in the country in plane crash, including the crashing aircraft of the Air Force and the Corps of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, 1738 people died.

To date, the Iranian state airline Iran Air has already ordered about 200 aircraft: 100 – Airbus, 80 – Boeing and 20 – from Franco-Italian ATR.

The total cost of the contract with Airbus is $ 19 billion, with Boeing – $ 17 billion. Boeing also concluded an agreement on the supply of 30 aircraft of another Iranian airline, Aseman Airlines, for $ 3 billion.

About how many aircraft have already managed to put Boeing to Iran, not reported, Airbus managed to put three liners. Boeing has issued a statement that “will spend a consultation on further actions with the US government”. In Airbus “” Kommersant “reported that” the statement is carefully studying (Iran.- “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com”) and evaluate which steps can be taken in the future in accordance with our policy of fulfilling the sanctions regime and export control conditions, “adding that all this may take” for some time “.

Why Donald Trump decided to break a nuclear deal

On the American TV channel CNBC, the general director of one of the leading aircraft companies in the Emirates Dubai Aerospace Enterprise Tarapori reported that after yesterday’s Iran’s decision “We are no longer visible for business opportunities in this country”. “Now we have about 400 aircraft in lease, they enjoy airlines around the world. We have 115 customers from different countries. Carriers from the bay countries make up a small percentage of the total number of our customers, but because this is our home region, we pay a lot of attention to what is happening here “.

Threats are also major energy agreements: French Total last year signed a contract for $ 2 billion on the development of the South Pars gas field

Back in March, when the American authorities have already marked their desire to revise the agreement with Iran, the French company reported that he hoped for the conservation of the transaction, since it was concluded in accordance with the rules operating at that time. Mining contracts in Iran, the supply of oil and gas equipment, technologies and technical services to Iranian energy companies were signed by Shell, BP, Wintershall, Aker Solutions, OMV.

Western companies estimate possible losses after ..

How Iran can answer the US pressure

In addition to oil workers and aircraft manufacturers, major machine-building and automotive concerns may suffer. In 2016, German Siemens concluded an agreement with Iran for the supply of locomotives and the modernization of the railway network. In total, according to Deputy Minister of Urban Development Iran Ashara Fakhria-Kashan, the German concern expressed his readiness to participate in infrastructure projects totaling € 3 billion. Today in Siemens “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” said that “aware of the statement”. “Now we appreciate the possible consequences for our international business in Iran and in the region as a whole, but one is already clear: we always keep all the export rules. We hope that governments will establish rules, and expect further directions from the international community, “the German company emphasized.

According to the estimates of the German Union of Wholesale and Foreign Trade, in 2017, the volume of German-Iranian trade amounted to € 3.4 billion, thereby Germany is one of the largest trade partners of Iran in Europe.

German exports to Iran rose last year by 16%, while Iran accounts for only 0.2% of German exports. The German Union of Automakers called on the European authorities “to clearly express a position, which, in addition to foreign policy aspects and security issues, will also take into account economic policy”. Volkswagen’s headquarters headquartered by Volkswagen “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com” said: “Last year we began to export cars to Iran. Therefore, we very carefully follow political and economic development in the region. VOLKSWAGEN activities meet all current national and international laws and export rules. “.

Daimler noted that “intently follow the further development of events after the announcement of the President Trump and estimate the potential impact on our business”. Peugeot-Citroen Pierre Olivier Salmon also informed “Findfairfaxandloudounhomes.com”: “Like all other economic players, we follow the development of the situation, including the official position of the European Union, which we hope will be independent”.

The hope that the EU authorities will defend the interests of European companies, expressed representatives of German business. The head of the Federal Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Eric Schweitzer, expressed concern about the decision of the American authorities, stating that “the decision of the American president to resume sanctions against Iran hits the German economy. The unilateral actions of the American government put serious conditions for continuing the activities of companies “. According to Mr. Schweatzer, German and EU authorities should ensure the safety of German business in such a situation.

Western companies estimate possible losses after ..
Western companies estimate possible losses after ..

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