What the leaders of the EU countries are agreed on the first…

What the leaders of the EU countries are agreed on the first…

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What did the leaders of the EU countries agreed on the first day, Summitalesandr Lukashenko escaped the sanctions of the summit agreed to introduce sanctions against the officials of Belarus “for falsifying elections and violation of human rights in the country” – the first to do with reference to sources in delegations after midnight Moscow time Report information agencies. Then at the night press conference following the first day of the EU Summit, Chairman of the European Council Charles Michel and the head of the European Commission of Ursula Vod Lyien.

Mr. Michel confirmed that the leaders of the countries agreed to enter the sanctions lists of about 40 officials, but he clarified the question of one of the journalists, not Alexander Lukashenko.

Sanctions will come into force soon. “Today we have taken a formal decision, and on Friday it will be issued during the written procedure,” Mr. Michel explained. According to him, this is a “clear signal”, which indicates support for the European Union of Civil Society, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of the Words in Belarus.

“Include Lukashenko to the sanction list would mean that we refuse the dialogue, and the European Union, on the contrary, wants to involve it in this process,” the President of France Emmanuel Macron later noted in his commentary.

However, he did not rule out the further entry of the Belarusian president in the lists of non countless.

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The main intrigues were two: if the EU countries will be entitled against Turkey and vs. Belarus. As a result of a “strategic, intensive, serious conversation” (as many hours of Mr. Mr. Michel called), it was decided to launch restrictive measures only with respect to Minsk. Recall, a few days before the summit, the Foreign Minister of Estonia in conversation with “Kommers” described the situation with the sanctions as follows: “We managed to come to a consensus in the political assessment of the crisis and launch the mechanism for further expansion of the EU personal sanctions. Now the European Commission has already prepared lists, consensus has not yet succeeded only on their entry into force “. The minister did not specify why the entry into force of the sanctions lists could not be achieved, but it was not a secret for a long time. Back in early September, the media reported that the approval of sanctions against Belarus blocks Cyprus, demanding to introduce restrictive measures and against Turkish companies leading drilling activities in the Cyprus Exceptional Economic Zone.

What are the leaders of the EU countries following the first ..

Enter new sanctions or expand the sanction lists of the European Union can only consensus, that is, with the consent of all participating countries.

Agree with Cyprus and impose sanctions against Turkey between those are not ready. So, for example, Chancellor Austria Sebastian Kurtz urged the sanction against Turkey, and the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, on the contrary, to build “integrated relationships”. “Leaders will express complete solidarity with Cyprus and Greece, at the same time perform for improving relations with Turkey,” they warned in advance in Brussels.

Nevertheless, by night, the Greek media reported that the representative of Athens blocked the draft conclusions for EU relations submitted at the summit against Turkey. A little later, Edition The Guardian reported with reference to its sources that participants in the summit are ready to even go to change the procedure and accept sanctions against Minsk not a consensus, but by a majority vote. As a result, as followed from the speech of Mr. Michel, Turkey was given another chance to establish a dialogue with the EU.

The agenda of the first day did the poisoning of the Russian opposition policy Alexey Navalny. However, at a press conference, his case was mentioned quite short. According to Mr. Michel, the meeting participants heard a performance on the topic of Chancellor Angels Merkel. She was the day before in his speech in the Bundestag called to wait for more detailed conclusions of the Ove. “With regard to the question of the attempt on the Oppositionist of Navalny, we heard Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, because Germany accepted him to his hospital. We condemn the use of chemical weapons that contradicts the principle of international law. We advise for a transparent investigation, we will return to this issue at the next EU Summit, “Mr. Michel laconidically announced, not even becoming clarified who used weapons and who should investigate. However, it was already understood.

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Recall that initially the summit was to be held on September 24-25, however, it was postponed due to suspicion of COVID-19 from the Chairman of the European Council of the Charles Michel, the former Prime Minister of Belgium, now playing the actual role of headlights at joint meetings of the EU leaders. Two tests with them showed a negative result, and the summit meeting was transferred to the current week. But without the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lövna, the summit was possible. He stayed in his homeland to attend the funeral of his receptional mother who adopted him at an early age. In Brussels, the interests of Sweden Prime Minister asked to represent a colleague from the neighboring Finland Sanne Marin.

What are the leaders of the EU countries following the first ..

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