With a new president on the border of the United States in inhuman…

With a new president on the border of the United States in inhuman…

Migrants flood U.S. border with hope of looser immigration policies under Biden

With a new president on the border of the United States in inhuman conditions, thousands of small illegal avgo Biden live – the best friend of Latin American children’s unprepared influx of young refugees, border guards do not have time to accept and issue newly arrived during the 72 hours and keep them in the crowded conditions for several days. In a conversation with the residents who visited them, the inhabitants of these centers complain that they are not released on the street, do not make a shower. Not everyone has enough mattresses – many are forced to sleep on the floor under foil blankets. Power objects, arguing that all children are fed, provide them with medical care and at least once every two days allow to take a shower.

Sources in power structures reported a newspaper that plans for the placement of young refugees in the conference center of Dallas, in the former oil camp in Midland, and even on the territory of the NASA center in Mountain View. Last weekend, the Minister of Internal Security Alejandro Majorkas even involved the forces of the Federal Agency for Emergency Settlement.

The reasons for the unexpected influx of single children with notes in their hands (they wrote phones of relatives in the United States) – not only the traditional spring surge of migration and the two hurricane past year who have passed on the coronavir epidemic, but also the policy of President Joe Bayiden.

Unlike adults who immediately expel in Mexico or their homeland, minors from now on allowed to stay in the US. The authorities at this time are looking for their relatives or sponsors in the country and then in case of success of searches, transportation to the new place of residence.

The flow of migrants increases, and a specific plan for what to do with them, the country’s and state leadership seems to have no.

“We understand that this is a big problem. The past administration left us a ruined and non-working system. We do everything in our power to correct the situation. We are focused on decisions, “said Jen Psaki spokesman for the White House.

Children refugees at the border of the USA

With a new president on the border of the United States in inhuman ..

Photo: Adres Latif, Reuters

Nevertheless, there are no only solutions to the specific situation with children, but in general, an understanding of what to do with migration: Despite the presence of a democratic majority in the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives of the US Congress, a single approach to reforming legislation on migrants is not. As reported by CNN TV channel back at the end of February, the Democrats cannot agree, whether to break the reform for different laws or to hold it a single package, and is it worth looking for a compromise with Republicans.

“The problem is and consists, whether we will take bills in order to express our position, knowing that then we will have to refuse some provisions. It causes tension in our ranks, “- Shared in a conversation with TV channel Congressman Democrat Dan Kildi from Michigan. Many of his one-party admitters are confess: they support the idea of ​​President Bayden to give a way to citizenship to all illegal migrants, but it is afraid that such a decisive approach will not lead to success – for the adoption of the Migration Act in the Senate, the votes of ten Republicans are needed. Considering that in the period of Donald Trump and after him, the Republicans only tightened their position on this issue, their support looks unlikely.

While the democrats argue, camp for young refugees continue to be replenished: the authorities are waiting for new records caused by the deterioration of the economic situation due to coronavirus and the upcoming summer heat.

With a new president on the border of the United States in inhuman ..

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